The Romantic Dude Scorecard by Ricky Anderson

i must be nuts.  i’ve let this guy guest post for me 3 times now.  but you people seem to like it every time he does, so i guess it’s all right.

Ricky Anderson is a system administrator.  he helps people with their PCs.  at least he has job security.  he blogs about that and other stuff that runs around his head here.  he might be funny or whatever.  you can also follow him on Twitter.

i also have a guest post over at his place.  it’s about what it might look like if i took over his help desk…you should probably go read it.

enjoy or die.

The Romantic Dude Scorecard


My name is Ricky. I’m taking over Sharideth’s blog again today. It’s the third time I’ve done so. How did I get so lucky?

Easy. Sharideth’s password is IAmTheWord$WithFriend$Champ. Feel free to post whenever you want, she doesn’t seem to notice.

Do you ever wonder how you’re doing in the romance department? Would a scorecard help? No? Too bad.

The Romantic Dude Scorecard
  • When you proposed, did you do it somewhere private and romantic? I proposed in her folks’ living room on my way out the door one night. Not romantic. -1 point
  • Are you spontaneous? I buy her flowers on the way home sometimes, but only if there’s no occasion. Romantic! +2 points
    • I usually get them at Sam’s Club so they’re cheaper. Not romantic. -1 point
  • Are you helpful? I do the dishes and take out the trash. I even clean the restroom. Romantic! +2 points
    • According to my wife, I should do these things more than once a month. Not romantic. -1 point
  • Are you a good listener? I listen to everything my wife says, but I get lost in the details and my mind starts wandering. Not romantic. -2 points
  • Do you make extra time for her? I drive my wife to and from work so she we can talk more. Romantic! +2 points
  • Do you stick up for your girlfriend/fiancée/wife? One time, a guy was looking at her a little too long and hard in the grocery store, and I stopped and gave him a very stern glare. Romantic (ish)! +.5 points
  • Do you engage in her interests? I have spent hours in clothes, candle and fabric stores. Romantic! +3 points
  • Do you put her requests above your own pride? Would you carry her purse for her at the beach, in front of everybody? Romantic! +10 points

  • Do you fail to protect her and let her purse get stolen literally 15 minutes later when someone breaks into your rental car? Not romantic. -20 points

So add it up. If you have positive points, you’re on the right track. If you have negative points, you’re me. How’d you score? Tell us the most romantic thing you’ve done, as well as the least.

13 comments on “The Romantic Dude Scorecard by Ricky Anderson

  1. G Fresh says:

    I have a feeling that no one has commented on this post yet because most of the guys who come here are single and aren’t really able to score themselves. 😉

    However, as far as the two questions at the end go: Probably the most romantic thing I’ve ever done was to go over to my (now longtime ex) girlfriend’s apartment where she had been studying really hard for a final and was really stressed out by it; walk over to the side of her building with my guitar and stand under her window (she was on the 2nd floor), call her on her cell and ask her to take a little break for a few minutes and come to her window, then I proceeded to play and sing to her her favorite song that I’d written. After I was done, she got a little teary, ran downstairs to give me some smooches (holla) and then she went back upstairs to go back to studying, but a little less stressed because of my serenade break.

    Least romantic? Eh, well I got a little clingy and needy after this same girl broke up with me a few months later and maybe wrote a few bitter songs about her. What can I say? First love and all that. Hard to let go. 🙂

  2. I’ll score it for you – balcony serenading of stressed out significant other – Romantic! +100 points.

    Being clingy to that which is not there to be clung to – Not romantic, but normal(ish). -5 points.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. torcon1 says:

    @Ricky, that was an EPIC post. The pic of you shouldering the bag made me laugh, but your lady’s rightfully pouty expression through the broken window made me howl. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it…awesome.

    @Sharideth, you have expert taste in guest posters!

  4. Cindy Holman says:

    Oh Ricky – you are HILARIOUS as usual! Oh my – the fun I’ve had laughing at all these articles today! My husband would rate VERY HIGH I’m afraid – he’s a keeper 🙂

  5. Some Guy says:

    The score for the purse is directly proportional to how close you carry it to youself (i.e. at arm’s length = -15, strap over your shoulder = +15).

  6. Randomlychad says:

    Coming up on 21st anniversary–got over purse stigma a long time ago. Heck yeah, I’ll carry it.

    And I’ll even go to the store to buy those “lady things.”

    How do I score?

    Great post!

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