awesome or awkward? date ideas.

i’m going to list some date ideas and you get to post in the comments whether you think they are awesome or awkward.  some of them are mine.  some i stole off the innerwebz.  boom. 

1.  get a tarp, a hose and bottle of Dawn liquid (preferably orange scented)…what?  this isn’t an episode of Dexter.  it’s an adult Slip and Slide.  get your mind out of the gutter.

2.  you’ll need a Polaroid and a bunch of strangers.  you people are really sick, you know that?  no.  run around town taking candids of people and give them the pics right on the spot.

3.  pottery painting.  make mugs for each other, but don’t let the other one see it until the end.  try to paint his/her face or maybe what it would look like if they had no skin.

4.  face painting.  paint each others faces before going out.  this should weed out the dull and insecure.

5.  sock puppet show.  you go first.  then let your date do one.  then do one together.  make sure there’s a monkey.  who doesn’t love creepy sock puppet monkeys?

6.  speak in a weird accent and ask random people for directions to places that don’t exist.  nuff said.

7.  you each get $5 to spend at a dollar store to buy gifts for the other one.  if it’s something you can put on, you must wear it for the rest of the night.  *hint: go for the fuzzy tiara

8.  strategically place glow sticks all over a park and sit back and watch people try to figure out why they’re there.  obviously this is done in post daylight hours.

9.  just start driving and make your date pick which turns to make.  live dangerously and make any form of GPS off limits.

10.  go to a furniture store (IKEA is best), sit in all the furniture arrangements, make up scenarios that would happen there and act them out.  feel free to jump and scream if you are pretending to watch Saw XXXIV.

okay.  awkward or awesome?

what are some more weird date ideas?


29 comments on “awesome or awkward? date ideas.

  1. heather joy says:

    A couple of these were actually really neat ideas. except for #1… I don’t like soap in my eyes.

  2. 9th one is pretty funny and something I did once. 🙂 We ended up near some abandoned temple..

    Stil urbane?


  3. I’m going to steal all of these and use them as a “family date” with the wife and both our girls. Unfortunately, I think #9 will invariably lead us to ColdStone Creamery….not that that’s a bad thing.

    Clarifying question, why are some of the suggestions in bold font? Are you trying to sway us toward your favs? That’s almost like cheating and Jesus wouldn’t do that……

  4. Mandie Marie says:

    1. This would result in injuries for someone like me.
    2. Awesome
    3. With the girls maybe. I wouldn’t pay to keep my guy’s artwork..hah.
    4. Similar to #3. I’d get the short end of the stick.
    5. This was a go-to when I used to babysit.
    6. This…is pretty normal for me and my date, actually.
    7. I’ve done this with a group of friends but in a skeezy convenience store. Someone found a can of shaved beef jerky. Similar to chewing tobacco, but jerky.
    8. Awesome.
    9. Awesome.
    10. Awesome.

  5. G Fresh says:

    1. Awesome
    2. Not awkward, but kind of meh
    3. Awesome
    4. Just kind of weird
    5. Creepy
    6. Awesome
    7. Super Awesome!
    8. Way too risky. Could attract ravers.
    9. Could be cool. Even more fun if your date is blindfolded. Place a limit of 5-10 miles and at the end of it, whatever restaurant is closest, that’s where you go to eat whether it be Marche’ or Arbys. :oD
    10. Eh. I don’t know. Getting kicked out of a retail outlet doesn’t sound like all that much fun to me.

    Other ideas:

    1. Participate in a flash mob.
    2. Massive pillow fight; similar to above, but not quite the same.
    3. Go to a grocery store offering free food samples. Bring a bag of cheesy costumes AKA false mustaches, pirate eye patches, etc with you. Ask to try a sample in character with whatever costume you’re wearing. Take a lap around the store changing your costumes until you reach the sample stand. Ask for another sample as your new character. Repeat as necessary. :o)
    4. Sing karaoke, but pick each other’s songs.
    5. If you and your date are musically/theatrically inclined, go out one warm evening, but leave your money and credit/debit cards at home. Find a nice piece of sidewalk and busk for date money. You might even want to put out a sign saying something like “On a Date. Need Money for Dinner.” or something along those lines.
    6. For a nice evening in, rent/Netflix stream a super cheesy film and give it the MST3K treatment. Probably better for a double date though.
    7. Train for a 3-legged race…at the mall.
    8. Enter a Wife (or Girlfriend) Carrying Race.
    9. Go LARPing.
    10. Go to a dance club, but do a Waltz to every song. Bonus points if you dress up in fancy ballroom gear. Super bonus points if the dude wears a monocle.

  6. Mandy Rausch says:

    I kind of love all fo these…but I’m a theatre-type person so I don’t embarrass easily. I’m TOTALLY gonna add #2 to my 101 in 1001 list.

  7. Riggs says:

    okay, i’m attempting all of these this weekend. thanks! where do you get a polaroid camera and film? i may have the camera, but do they still sell film for those?

  8. I could see myself doing #2, #6, #8, and possibly #9.

    I would almost certainly begin with a Scottish brogue for #6. Alternately, with sufficient time to prepare, it might be interesting to ask for directions in Latin. Or maybe one of the Elven tongues? I know a few people who could probably do it in Klingon.

    #7 only with a girl I trusted not to present me with frilly feminine underthings. Because I definitely know a few girls who would appear with some sort of cheesy leftover Valentine’s Day bra and plant it atop their guy’s head for the evening. I am not adventurous enough to try that one without ground rules. :>

  9. Emily says:

    Not gonna lie, any boy who was silly enough to create any of these ideas as a date for us would probably get a big giant smooch at the end of the night. Did you hear that? Boys?



  10. Jason says:

    You missed going ice blocking…

    On the hottest day of the year, gather the following:
    – Big Blocks of Ice
    – Carpet Scraps
    – Twine
    – Drill with long drill bit (long enough to go through width of ice blocks, can use straightened coat hanger wire as drill bit if needed)

    At minimum, drill one hole across ice block, and run twine through for handle.

    Use additional holes/twine to tie down the carpet scrap to sit on to keep your butt a little warmer.

    You can also tie blocks together to make larger blocks of ice. As the ice melts and refreezes, blocks normally freeze into somewhat larger blocks of ice.

    Go find your favorite GRASSY hill, (must be grassy, or you will fail.) and ride the block of ice down the hill. As the hill gets wet from passes on the ice, it will get faster.

  11. Jamie says:

    I’ve done #9. We ended up in 4 different driveways because I always chose poorly. Definitely want to do #2 and #7. Going to pass on #4. I think I just figured out I’m dull and insecure.

  12. Larry Hehn says:

    Awesome. Times ten.

  13. We do 1 at camp every year! BUT you have to use Baby Shampoo so that it doesn’t burn your eyes!!!
    10 is pretty awesome too 🙂

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  15. Lynne says:

    I’m bookmarking this page so I can do all of these. Love it.

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