why Canada isn’t as dumb as you might think

Quebec City. It's important for later. There'll be a quiz.

i have a guest post over at Amanda Bast’s blog today.  she’s Canadian.  you might remember her guest post from last Friday, A Girl Should Never Make a Guy… and Perpetual Singleness from a while back.

innieweigh, she asked me to write a post called Things Most People Think Are Dumb But Sharideth Thinks is Awesome.

i wrote it about Canada.

like i said on Friday, i’m a terrible person.

Click here to read it.

buy while you’re here, let’s play a game.  a story game.  here’s the rules.

1.  add on to the story from what the person above you wrote.

2.  use no more than 15 words per entry.

3.  no posting twice in a row.

in other words, no writing the entire story yourself.  so there.

here’s the start:

once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl.  he thought she was super neat.  but he also thought space travel was super neat, so he dumped her and took off to….


28 comments on “why Canada isn’t as dumb as you might think

  1. Venus because someone told him girls were originally from there. When he landed, he saw…

  2. nothing but dudes. it was very disappointing. so he asked where the venettes were and…

  3. (HA! Venettes. Venette Funicello! Yes, I did watch old Mickey Mouse Club reruns growing up. Using parentheses for comments not part of the story.)

  4. “nothing but dudes. it was very disappointing. so he asked where the venettes were and…”

    the dudes said, …

  5. randomlychad says:

    “They took a breeze for Malacandra, ’cause Mars needs moms, dontcha know!”

    So he…

  6. G Fresh says:

    Googled “Malacandra” and once he understood the reference he chuckled to himself and decided to…

  7. …check the local store for supplies while his ship refueled. In one aisle he found…

  8. G Fresh says:

    …unicorn jerky which, although tasty, is also extremely fattening so instead he bought Diet Mogwai…

  9. Riggs says:

    …and a basic tank top unitard so he would fit in with the other dudes on the planet. after a few hours he realized…

  10. the tank top unitard was “so over” and bought an Ed Hardy x-small t-shirt because clearly…

  11. G Fresh says:

    …the best way to attract women is wearing Ed Hardy. Plus his pink polo was…

  12. Riggs says:

    …getting way too much unwanted attention. plus it made him miss her because it’s the shirt that she gave him that one time when…

  13. Matt Gates says:

    …she accidentally washed her red Snuggie in with his *white* polo. His ship refueled, he…

  14. Jennifer C. says:

    …decided he desperately needed pants if he was ever going to get his lady…

  15. Larry Hehn says:

    …to take his picture. After all, the Ed Hardy was x-small. And his ship was…

  16. Regan says:

    …flying at warp speed. Nothing daunted, he made a quick stop at Tatooine…

  17. Larry Hehn says:

    …to ask for directions, which brought his masculinity into question. Looking down, he noticed that…

  18. …a lemming had stowed away in his toolbox and was using pliers to rewire his…

  19. […] 2.  go to yesterday’s post and keep the ridiculous story going.  good times. […]

  20. Brian says:

    …massaging foot bath. The modification of the foot bath caused Ed’s feet to…

  21. ..be stained purple and glitter like the sun. So he had to..

  22. Larry Hehn says:

    …the water had run dry. Fortunately, the resourceful lemming had brought along a case of…

  23. Hollie says:

    …a taco, and a bottle of Hope and Grace floating by. It made his heart tingle from the inside out, because he remembered how his special girl…

  24. Lauren says:

    ..had farted in her special way on their last romantic date at Taco
    bell. Suddenly lovesick, he…

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