A Girl Should Never Make a Guy…. A Guest Post by Amanda Bast

Amanda Bast is Canadian.  but i heart her anyway.  she has a blog you should read and a Twitter you should follow.  the girl has a well developed, if not slightly bent, sense of humor.  which is why i heart her of course.  we did a blog swap, so i’ve got a post over at her place.  i think.  she may decided she hates me and never wants to to hear from ever again after reading it.  it’s called “something most people think is dumb but sharideth thinks is awesome”.  it’s based on a series she does on her blog.  i wrote it about Canada.


i’m a terrible person.  i’ll post a link if she puts it up.  i’m not very hopeful.

without further ado.  here’s MandieMarie.

A Girl Should Never Make a Guy…

…watch West Side Story in its entirety. Two and a half hours of dance fighting is too much dance fighting
for the average guy. Make him watch “Cool” and the one scene in the pop shop where the guy who
looks like Joey Tribbiani goes off on a heated rant and calls people cats, but that’s it. Singing in the Rain?
Totally different story. Everyone needs to see that movie at least once in their life.

…feel like less of a man. I was at a show at a pub where the female singer/songwriter thanked the male
singer/songwriter for singing back up. “His voice is way higher than most chicks I know.” Those were her
words. On stage. In front of an audience. I was mortified for him and should have punched her in the
ovaries. Dudes want to feel big, strong and manly. Don’t call him little or cute (even if he is little and
cute. Grab a thesaurus and find some synonyms). Let him kill a spider for you. Let him start a campfire
for you. Let him carry your suitcase for you. Ladies, I know you’re fully capable of doing these things
yourself, but if a guy is offering, let him help. It’s a man thing.

…buy her pads or tampons. No. This is not ok. I don’t care how long you’ve been together, never is
this the solution to your sanitary napkin needs. “But it came as a surprise and I wasn’t prepared!” I’m
sorry ladies, but this is not a valid excuse. The only way I’ll accept you being surprised by something
that happens on a monthly basis is if you’re in that movie about going on a bunch of dates with Adam

…answer a question that she already knows the answer to just so she can hear him say the answer and
get mad at him. It was your fault for asking your guy if he thinks Katy Perry is hot. I can’t help you in this

…look like an idiot in front of his buddies. Confession: I overheard some guy friends quoting Super
Troopers (naturally, one of my favourite movies). First dude says something about snozzberries. Second
dude starts meowing. Third dude starts in on the shenanigans bit. I’m giggling until I realize that third
dude is my gentleman friend and HE HASN’T SEEN THE MOVIE. I ran into the room and called him on his
second-hand quote in front of all the guys. I almost immediately smacked myself for being the girl who
makes her guy look like an idiot in front of other guys. I later apologized profusely (not in front of the
guys) and all was hunky dory. But now I’ve blogged about it so I don’t know if it counts anymore. Ladies,
learn from my mistakes.

Your turn to finish the thought. A girl should never make a guy…


38 comments on “A Girl Should Never Make a Guy…. A Guest Post by Amanda Bast

  1. A girl should never make a guy chicken pot pie.

    If you’re going to do pies, stick to the pizza variety.

  2. …answer whether the dress makes you look fat. This is similar to your number 4, but possibly more deadly. The girl who asks this usually has decided it does make her look fat, which means if he:

    1) Says yes, she’ll respond with tears/fury/grudges/claims he doesn’t love her.
    2) Says no, she’ll call him a liar and say he never gives her an honest opinion (even if she is a size 0 who does not in fact look fat in any substance known to man)

    …settle a dispute between you and your relatives. No matter what decision he makes, a hundred people in 12 states will hate him. Possibly including you. And when/if you make up with them, you’ll make him go to family dinners with them, where he will spend the entire time wondering if mom has poisoned his soup or your little brother has cut his brake line. No man needs that kind of stress.

  3. Brian says:

    Never make a guy stand next to you when you debit card is declined.

    I was in Victoria’s Secret with a platonic friend. No biggie for me. While checking out, her debit card was declined. That is the one time I became embarrassed, and walked out of the store.

  4. Mandy Rausch says:

    Never make a guy hold your purse. Seriously, he doesn’t wanna do it. He thinks he looks stupid,and he probably DOES.

  5. JBen says:

    . . . act schmoopy with you in front of his friends. There is a slight chance he might do it anyway. That’s his fault. But if you do, rest assured that he will never hear the end of it after you leave.

  6. Jamie says:

    First – the ad at the end of the post included a picture of a toilet. FYI.

    A girl should not make a guy say which of your friends he’d date if he weren’t dating you. Because he might think about it too hard and then marry and have 3 kids with her. Just saying.

  7. Jenn says:

    …carry her suitcase. I know you said the opposite, but I always overpack and my philosphy is if I think I need it, I have to be able to carry it. I do not need a lecture about what I can and cannot pack because my boyfriend thinks it’s too heavy.

    …remember every important date. Really? You need him to remember the 2 1/2 month anniversary of the first time you did ____. Save the important date reminders for the bigger dates – birthday and year anniversaries are fine.

    • going along with every important date.
      …make a big deal about totally unimportant anniversaries. like 3.5 weeks since the first time he used an umbrella to protect you from rain, 42 weeks since the first time he met your obscure relative you see once a decade), the 2 5/48 year anniversary of your first kiss

      • Amanda says:

        I don’t expect him to make a big deal of unimportant anniversaries, but I sometimes like to announce “it’s two and a half months since the first time you told me that my eyebrows are so nice they could be making me money” because really. That’s important to the health of our relationship.

  8. Riggs says:

    A girl should never make a guy stop being friends with his friends (even if they’re female).

  9. All the good answers have been taken, but I can think of another volatile question:

    Minnie Pearl: “Hope you like it! I can only cook two things, custard pie and potato salad”
    Tennessee Ernie Ford (eating): “Oh, well which one is this?”

  10. Larry Hehn says:

    Totally agree to this list! Also, a girl should never make a guy go into her purse to retrieve something for her. At least that’s what I tell my wife. She says its ok, that she has nothing to hide, that it’s just keys or a pack of gum or whatever, but to me it’s like snooping through someone else’s medicine cabinet. And no, you shouldn’t do that either!

    • Amanda says:

      the only time this was necessary was before the invention of bluetooth, and you are expecting an important call and your purse starts ringing while you’re driving. But that’s null and void now because my car answers my phone for me. Thanks, car, for making purse rooting unnecessary.

    • I was gonna post this one! lol As a Southern girl I was raised that going thru into anyone else’s purse/bag is a BAD thing…. but its even worse for a girl to ask a guy to go thru her purse! Its just awkward lol

  11. Amanda says:

    And for the record: I still think Sharideth is delightful.

  12. Lafemmeroar says:

    A girl should never purposefully make a guy jealous. Chances are he’ll do the same and go all the way “home” with a new chick.

  13. A girl should never make a guy walk her “purse dog”.

    Whenever I see this, I can’t help but feel a little less respect for the guy.

    • Good call. Also, your poodle, regardless of size, if you insist on giving them a proper poodle coat cut. Few men can look at all manly walking a ball of half-naked powder puffs with legs.

  14. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this one before:

    Give his opinion on which dress (or other item) you should buy IF you’ve already made up your mind. A fellow doesn’t mind being asked an opinion, though he may well honestly say he likes them both, but asking when you’ve already decided is attempting to get CONFIRMATION of your decision so you feel good about it, and is putting him at great risk of inadvertently deciding differently and thus being unaware he has just questioned your judgement on your own attire.

    If you absolutely must ask after deciding, please at least phrase it as “I like the red one, do you think that looks alright with these shoes?” This makes him aware of your opinion, thus allowing him to estimate whether he feels compelled to contradict you or not and in most cases allows you to get the answer you wanted to receive.

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  17. Love. so true. please can everyone have a read of my pages on my blog? very similar.


  18. Jason "Seraph" says:

    This right here. Praise the good Lord for ladies that understand these things, especially that one about making a man feel like less of a man. “Cute” is a word for kittens and baby seals, not for the men in your life.

    My contribution: …watch the 6 hour TV mini series version of “Pride and Prejudice”. We can only take so much fawning over an unreasonably wealthy man, regardless of his fictional nature.

  19. idontcare says:

    A girl should never read this bull shit article..
    You shouldn’t belittle ANY ONE publicly. That is not something that’s exclusive to relationships. AND if at some point in your relationship the rest of these things don’t happen, SOMETHING IS WRONG. If your guy isn’t willing to get out of his comfort zone for you, he should take a walk.

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