let’s be lame, shall we?

i just spent the last two hours writing a blog that i’m not sure i can post.  i fully intended to when i was writing it, but now…i need to think on it.

so let’s be lame together.  mmmkay?

let’s play the “if i won the lottery” game.

Mega Millions is up to 48.6 million and you’ve got the winning ticket that you bought on impulse while getting a Blue Raspberry Slushee at 7-eleven.

what do you do with it?


crap.  now i want a blue raspberry slushee.


21 comments on “let’s be lame, shall we?

  1. i’d start a large film production company

  2. pay off my student loans, buy a new house and car, invest some of it, donate most of what is left.

  3. JBen says:

    48 million is hardly worth dreaming about. After taxes you are probably going to be left with about 15 bucks. Let me know when it hits 100 million.

  4. Mandy Rausch says:

    Pay off all my debt first! Is that boring? Well, so be it. Then I’d buy us a house. Then I’d talk to some fancy financial person about the best ways not to spend the rest on shoes and Starbucks.

  5. Julie says:

    Unfortunately, I do lame very well. Build a building for my church. Pay off my family’s debts. Buy a new car…or 10. And then probably a beach house in Hawaii and never work again.

  6. Brian says:

    I’d open a coffee shop, and make one of my best friends manager. I don’t care for coffee, but she loves it, and I love the atmosphere.

    I’d open up a pizzaria in a downtown building in my home town. I know what it would look like to the very last detail. (I’ve dreamed about owning a pizzaria for a while.)

    I’d travel the world. There’s so many places I want to see, but I just don’t have enough vacation time and cash to do it now.

    Besides all that, my life style wouldn’t change much. I’d still live in a modest house, drive a modest car, and eat at McDonalds for dinner 3 times a week.

  7. Chris says:

    This reminds me of the joke of a farmer that won the lottery. But instead of jumping for joy, his friends were all more excited than he was.

    They crowded around him, and urgently asked him, “So, what are you going to spend it on??”

    He replied, “I think I’ll just keep on farming until it’s all gone.”

  8. 1) We shall be properly holy and say “pay the tithe first.”
    2) Then we shall be practical and say “pay the taxes next.”
    3) Some amount would be put into savings/investment to earn money.
    4) Some amount would be donated to charity above the tithe. Probably Partners International and Samaritan’s Purse because I trust both of them to do good work.
    5) Buy a new vehicle for the parents and one for me.
    6) Buy a good piece of land and have two houses built to our family’s specifications, complete with outbuildings.
    7) Build a library the size of the smithsonian to house all the books we’d probably buy if we had that kinda cash. 😉
    8) Buy a boat. A seagoing yacht with all the best innovations including satellite phone/internet.
    9) Buy a plane. Possibly two. One big enough for transport and one to learn to fly solo. Also, flying lessons.
    10) Donate to the Commemorative Air Force at a level that put me in the rotation to be able to fly some of their historic aircraft (once properly pilot trained of course). Because settling into the pilot’s seat of history would be sheer awesome.

    Realistically, I probably already spent more than 48 million with the list so far. 😉

  9. Jared says:

    Pay off debt and travel until I die. How about you, Sharideth? What would you do?

  10. I’d start by helping out friends who live pretty much hand-to-mouth. They cope with paying the utilities, the mortgage etc but if anything extra comes up, like their car needing work or anything, then they really struggle. I have several friends who have that sort of life and, if they’d let me, I’d like to pay off their mortgages so they have a little more room to relax on the cash-front.
    I’d look at investing a chunk of it for living off.
    Then I guess a whole bunch would have to go to different charities.
    Then I’d buy a couple of cool cars that I’ve seen and totally covet! Neither of them hugely fancy or sporty – they’d be cool toys though.
    And then I guess I’d have to go skiing in all the fancy places I can’t afford now, like Aspen, and Chile etc. And after skiing all over the world I guess I’d have a recount and see how much is left.
    How about you, Sharideth? What’s your answer to this?

  11. i would have a house built that would hold our studio, 2 offices and a massive kitchen. you know, with some bedrooms and stuff too.

    college funds for the kids. probably even for my nieces and nephews who won’t be able to afford college.

    big chunk to charity.

    stash the rest in the bank and live on the interest while life went on as usual. craig and i would probably both keep doing what we’re doing.

    • Matt Gates says:

      Don’t forget to buy a really nice pool table made out of gold plated unicorn bones and cashmere felt along with a couple of sweet, engraved cues. Yours would say “Deth Stick”.

  12. G Fresh says:

    First of all, I would take the payment option that would take the least taxes out of my winnings which I think would probably be the 20 annual payments or whatever it would be. If I can’t live on a couple mil a year, I have some serious issues.

    After paying off my debts (pretty much just my car at this point) and donating to my church I would: set up college funds for my nephews, buy my grandmother’s land so that after she dies it will stay in the family and my little brother and a good friend of mine back home in Indiana will be able to hunt it all they want, get my extremely talented best friend set up in the full time photography business of his dreams, then I’d help out any other friends and family who needed it with some little things.

    For myself I would probably buy a couple of toys (a couple new guitars, a cool car, maybe a decent, but still modest house) and then live at a little bit higher, but not ostentatious level while investing/saving the rest of my winnings in order to build it up and give away more.

    I would definitely quit my job and probably spend my days taking cooking, gardening, woodworking/home improvement, art, music and drama classes at a local college just for the fun of it. I would finally be able to afford to record an album of my songs which would be cool. Oh and I’d probably hire a personal trainer, but I’d still work out at the Y.

    Also, I would get a dog. I love dogs, but I can’t have them in my current place and my cats are a poor substitute. 🙂

  13. CJ Adams says:

    Well on the first day or richness, I’d probably buy a unicorn or two and then ride them through the McDonald’s drive thru. On the second day, I would probably do the same as day one but with some other mythological creature. This pattern of behavior would continue until I realized that mythological creatures were not real.

  14. 1. Donate half. This would be to my church, various charities I like, and random people. I would have so much fun with that!
    2. Pay off the house.
    3. Buy a second, secret house. This would have all kinds of hidden passageways and secret rooms. Nooks and crannies would abound. AND BOOBY TRAPS!
    4. Invest the rest and live off the interest.
    5. Write, travel, volunteer and raise my family.
    6. Pull a funny, not mean-spirited prank on my boss once a month for the rest of his life. Prank calls, random things delivered to the office, etc. He would never forget about me. Never!
    7. Look for small, local businesses to fund. People with cool ideas who just need a little boost to get started.

  15. Larry Hehn says:

    Pay off my church’s mortgage, pay off all my debts, then invest the rest of the money and live off the interest. Go back to school, get a gym membership, spend more time writing, travel the world with my wife, and give generously!

  16. Kevin says:

    Finally finish recording the album I’ve been working on for 3 years. And then try to get a record label to sign me. Or just start my own dang record label. 🙂

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