16 random thoughts about dating



here’s some stuff that goes through my head but doesn’t really require a whole blog.  i can not promise it will make any sense what-so-ever.

1.  dating sucks

2.  guys should wear more sweater vests

3.  how is it possible Joy Eggerich is still single?

4.  nobody wants to date the real John Cusak

5.  every girl wants to date Lloyd Dobbler

6.  i wonder if Captain Crunch is a cereal dater?

7.  there are no original girl characters on cereal boxes

8.  i guess dating doesn’t suck that much

9.  Paris Hilton shouldn’t date anyone.  ever.

10.  where do homeless people go on dates?

11.  that last one seemed insensitive

12.  i’m a jerk

13.  god took me off the dating market early for a reason

14.  does eHarmony give refunds for divorce?

15.  what if blind dates were really only for people who can’t see?

16.  nope.  i was right the first time.  dating sucks.

your turn.  what are your random thoughts about dating and/or the clearly misogynistic hierarchy of breakfast foods?


25 comments on “16 random thoughts about dating

  1. JBen says:

    Guy in the room I’m in: “marriage is the new dating.” Then he said something about Katy Perry.

    Aaaaaaaaaaand that was all we could come up with.

    • men tend to lose track of their thoughts when Katy Perry gets mentioned.

      • Mandie Marie says:

        WHAT IS WITH THAT?! I don’t get this. I’ve asked guys to explain this, but they can never string together a coherent thought. I really don’t think she’s that spectacularly attractive. Is it the musician thing? Is it the cherry chapstick thing? Is it strictly a boob thing? Someone explain this, please!

        • It’s the boobs, most men only have a vague idea of what her face looks like.

        • also, it’s a bit of “pastor’s daughter gone wild”. guys love it.

        • She’s cute, but not spectacular. She’s strange, which makes her slightly mysterious. She advertises herself as being easy with her dress and mannerisms even though she’s unattainable. And sometimes it’s people behaving the way people expect them to behave. Which is possibly credit to the PR people.

          If someone is famous and talked about, then everyone feels obligated to talk about them and behave about them in the way they perceive everyone else does, lest they be uncool or not with it or not virile enough to understand why everyone else thinks she’s hot.

        • I should add, sometimes it can be their songs, too. I’ve always felt the only reason Britney Spears was so popular was that her songs were largely anthems of teenage rebellion against moral restraint. She’s pretty enough but not stunning, and most of her adult vocals are not earth-shaking in any way. She auto-tunes so much that I’m not sure what her actual voice is any more.

    • I didn’t even know who Katy Perry was until a few weeks ago.

  2. Dating is usually good for two weeks then it sucks.

  3. Lafemmeroar says:

    Dating is purgatory–it’s between the heaven of happily ever after and the hell of irreconcilable differences.

    Grape Nuts are the petrified balls of men who’ve been “pussified.”

  4. Brian says:

    How the heck do you ask a close friend of 11 years out on a date? Serious question…

  5. Mandie Marie says:

    Dating sucks. Being in a relationship is pretty great. But dating does indeed suck.

    It is because of dating I have discovered the following: Getting a random phone number at church earns you the nickname “Church Slut”, dumping a guy after a month earns you the nickname “THE AXE”, if a date is going horribly it’s ok to flirt with your waiter, guys’ moms love me, dating someone because they like you and you think they’re just ok does not work out, some guys don’t know anything about personal hygiene, the best way to break up is with a high five, breakfast dates full of caffeine are the best kinds of dates.

  6. Matt Gates says:

    What’s a date?

    And Trix are for hookers.

    Also, didn’t Strawberry Shortcake have her own cereal for awhile or does that not count because she wasn’t created specifically as a cereal heroine? A ceroine if you will.

  7. Julie says:

    I’d rather have a finger cut off than go on a blind date again…

  8. My one blind date experience taught me this: if I don’t know what i’m looking for, how can I expect someone else to?

    And Sugar Bear was pimp enough to get all the ladies to the cereal aisle, who cares if they were on the box or not?

    • Chris says:

      What’s the best way to handle a bad blind date? State explicitly that they’re not relationship material, but let’s enjoy the rest of the date anyway?

  9. torcon1 says:

    S2 – I love your insights but I have to disagree with #5. Every girl SAYS they want to date Lloyd Dobbler when in actuality that want to date any “bad boy” character that Michael Madsen has ever played. I’m happily married but why is that? It’s always been a mind-boggling conundrum.

  10. I’ve never been on a date, so I have nothing particular to add.

    I do think going to something you’re both interested in is a better date than a fancy restaurant, unless you’re both into fine eating (and wealthy enough to do so regularly). Besides reinforcing shared interests, it also gives you interaction options beyond just 1) eat and 2) talk quietly.

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