so a couple of things….

1.  if Twitter is to believed, it’s National Kissing Day.  what are you going to do about it?

the least you should do is follow me.  shameless?  naturally.

2.  i have a guest post over Joy Eggerich’s blog today.  she asked some questions.  i gave her some answers.  my answers are in competition with David T Robbins answers.  you should go over and help me beat him like a pack mule.  after all, he deserves it.

so here’s a recap of your orders.

*answer question #1

*follow me on Twitter

*vote for me on my guest post

doooo itttttt.

oh and here you go:


5 comments on “so a couple of things….

  1. I’m gonna get kissed all over my freakin’ face by Sophie the Wonder Basset. Whenever I’m walking her and people say “awww she’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute” and proceed to pet her, I warn them, “She’s gonna go for your face.” Which she promptly does the minute they lean down.

    If it’s a chick and she’s cute, I may add “not that I blame her…”

  2. JBen says:

    I am going to walk up to my fiance and kindly inform her of this joyous occasion. Then we will disappear and play “Seven minutes in Heaven.”

  3. G Fresh says:

    1. Try to forget that it’s been over two years since anyone has wanted to kiss me and that that girl was really drunk at the time. #issuesihasthem

    2. Pssshhh…I did that way back before you got all popular and sellout-y when you were just @dethbyvocab.

    3. Done, although I may have to go back and vote again as I used a number outside of Joy’s established parameters.

  4. Jamie says:

    1. I tried, but some restraining orders may have limited my progress.
    2. Such a follower…
    3. 10. I conformed to the guidelines.

  5. Kim says:

    love the cartoon!!!!

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