don’t forget to flirt!

this one is for the married folk. 

“but the title says this is about flirting!?!”

i know what it says.  i wrote it.  duh.

flirting is not just for the singles of the world.  flirting with anyone that strikes your fancy is just for the singles of the world.

married couples should flirt with each other.  often.  forever.  outrageously.

i think married couples get a little too comfortable sometimes.  the commitment is made and everyone relaxes.  we start to forget how fun it was to try and impress or turn on the object of our affection.  shame on us.

flirting is a blast.  it’s a great way to let your spouse know you still wanna get all up ons.  it can also be a bit startling.  which can be totally hawt.  catching your spouse off guard with a little “hey sexy” can fire off sparks.

remember what those butterflies in the stomach felt like?  mmmmm  me too.  love that.  it’s not impossible to still get that feeling even though you’re married.  you just have to be willing to stay on top of the flirting.  and why wouldn’t you?  it’s totally fun.

and stop feeling silly about it.  you’ll just talk yourself out of it.  flirting keeps things fresh.  it keeps things spontaneous.  it keeps things from going stale by introducing an unpredictable element.

but danger Will Robinson!  grabbing your wife’s butt while she’s washing the dishes, is not flirting.  that’s groping.  totally different blog.  snatching her off her feet and into your lap when she walks by…now that’s flirting.

random touches, long looks, hitting on her in the grocery store, complimenting her in public…all excellent flirting techniques.

ladies, anything that involves stroking his ego either tangibly or intangibly will work just fine.  and you can pretty much grab his butt any time and he won’t mind.

think about it.  go back to a time when flirting was your stock and trade and start pulling those tricks on your spouse.

you have your orders.  so let the games begin.

what is your favorite flirting technique?

what works?

what doesn’t?


12 comments on “don’t forget to flirt!

  1. JBen says:

    Not married yet but I hope that we do this. Right now I want to flirt with her all the time. Why, just a little while ago I was telling her how she was wearing a very “flattering” shirt. This is some advice I will enjoy following. I think it will lead to some good things. yes?

  2. Chris says:

    Wait… shouldn’t there be a Flirting 101 post before this one?

    • maybe. probably. yes.

    • jennw2ns says:


      Also, you might want to assure the people (cough cough) men who have been burned before by high maintenance women that even low maintenance women like to be flirted with and “dating/marrying your best friend” is a worthy goal but does not mean “dating/marrying one of the guys.” Women still want to feel sexy and wanting it does not necessarily equal “drama.” Also, I’m pretty sure most women want to make their man feel sexy. Especially if he makes her feel sexy. It’s all this big sexy circle.

      NOT that I have any first-hand experience with this or anything . . .

  3. Larry Hehn says:

    When my wife and I are apart, we enjoy flirting over email. But it’s much more fun to flirt in person. Subtle, creative, playful, and yes, non-groping is key. Married 20+ years…it must be working!

  4. flirting says:

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  5. I’m not dating or married, but one thing my parents have done for as long as I can remember is that my dad kisses my mom whenever he leaves the house. Usually just a peck on the lips, but it’s a constant. They also usually send each other Valentine’s Day cards. Every so often I’ll see the contents of one of them. Typically, they follow a theme of how blessed they are to have the other person, and listing things they admire about the other person. Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day cards are similar, with a focus on their parenting qualities included. There’s always a personal note, not just a card.

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