i have dual citizenship today

i have a guest post over at Knox McCoy’s place today.  he’s gone and made me a resident of Awesometown.  it’s a magical place where after you move in, you can teleport back and forth between there and boredom where everyone else lives.  little does he know, i plan to become queen.

show Knox some love and poke around his blog for a bit.  good times.

by the bye, i’ll be back to our regularly scheduled nonsense next week.  friday here will be a guest post you won’t want to miss.

oh and after you read my rambling, jump over to Tyler Tarver and get his version of dating advice.  that boy’s not right.



2 comments on “i have dual citizenship today

  1. tyler says:

    thanks. i’d like to think we built this city, we built this city, we built this city on a sturdy foundation.

    you are making me into a man…sorry, i got cut off, i meant to say mantelpiece for giants.

  2. Congratulations on your Awesometown induction. I guess that means you were induced. I guess that also means I’ve been spending too much time in prenatal doctor’s visits. Anyway, good on you!

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