Mother’s Day recap

yeah, that's me. my butt looks ginormous.

“It’s Mothers Day and the wood needs chopping. Gonna buy Sharideth an axe.” – craig’s facebook status yesterday.

and he did just that.

you heard me.

thanks to a thoughtful suggestion by GFresh, he also bought me gloves so i wouldn’t get blisters, but only after a minor disagreement about whether or not allowing gloves would inhibit me from toughening up.

here’s the thing though…not only did i want the axe (and gloves), craig also took me to an amazing Mother’s Day brunch, added some choice items while we were at Home Depot buying the axe and completely decked out our deck with a new umbrella for our table, tiki torches and white christmas lights.  he cleaned out our fire pit, washed down the deck and got us all set up to entertain in our back yard.  it’s like heaven.

he would never post that on facebook though.  he’d rather y’all just think he bought me an axe.

so boys, take a page from craig.  know what she wants.  know what is going to make her beam like Rainbow Brite and give it to her.

am i still unpacking from our move and tempted to just throw out every box still to be opened and start over with nothing?  yes.  yes, i am.  but my kids are all “we need forks!  where are the glasses?  mom, we’re hungry!  blah blah blah blah…” 

so i will keep unpacking.  i might not be able to find my clothes, but i can have a cup of coffee and type a blog on my gorgeous deck.

what did you get your wife/mother for mother’s day?


15 comments on “Mother’s Day recap

  1. I think this moving process would be a good time to tell your kids about the benefits of fasting. That might free up some time for you to pack or blog more.

  2. Matt Gates says:

    Let me know when the housewarming is. I may have to whip up a batch of my Strawberry Kickasses. 🙂

    Also, I tried to give my mom a call, but she and her husband weren’t home and as her husband is a total Luddite, they don’t have an answering machine or a cell phone. :/ I’ll try again this evening.

  3. Jenn says:

    I called – which given we haven’t really talked in 3 years, made her cry. So while I was in line at Whole Foods for coffee, I was on the phone with my crying mother, needless to say I felt like a horrible cold hearted b*tch because I hadn’t wanted to call in the first place, but heck it’s a place to start.

    @Matt – really no answering machine? Interesting.

    • G Fresh says:

      Nope. No answering machine or voice mail service. Her husband is a little weird. I think they may have a pre-paid cell phone for emergencies, but I don’t have the number and they don’t turn it on unless they need to make a call out.

    • good place to start. though maybe not in the check out line. 😉

      • Jenn says:

        I did it there because I knew I wouldn’t get stuck on the phone with her if I had to go. She’s sweet but she’s pretty emotionally messy. I stay away because she cannot find a way to relate without hating on my dad or trying to become co-dependent. I’m not her mother or her venting person – so a 5 minute phone call means we avoid the “you know what we agreed upon about you doing ___” conversation.

  4. I got my mom an answer to where I’ll be student teaching in the fall. Don’t worry, they didn’t give it to me until today, either. So I left her a voicemail saying that plus finishing off with Happy Mother’s Day. She assumed I left it yesterday and the phone just waited to give it to her. I just didn’t say anything.

    You’re judging me again, aren’t you?

  5. Sharideth, found your blog on blog rocket. Looking foward to reading more. I didn’t realize when Mother’s Day was until Friday. Made up for it by buying an iPad 2.

  6. Jonathan B says:

    Instead of telling you what I got my mom, I will tell you what I *almost* got her, but couldn’t decide if it was “Mothersdayish” enough: a points card for Lord of the Rings Online. She spends more hours on there than I do, I think now.

    • i think i love your mom.

      • Jonathan B says:

        I do too 🙂 I got both my parents into LOTRO as they both like Tolkein. Since it began offering a no-subscription option, it makes a nice gateway drug. 😉

        Among the more hilarious moments, as we run together some of the time (mom and I are on more than dad is), was a recent mission where due to taking extensive equipment damage my dad and I beat a bog lurker and two roots to death with our bare fists. :> You know your quest has become hilarious when your swordsman and archer are reduced to punching things.

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