more me!

or more you.  whatever.


  1. have you ever apologized for something you weren’t sorry for or didn’t even do?
  2. have you ever not given an apology you should have?
  3. do you own someone an apology now?  what are you going to do?
  4. does someone owe you an apology?  does he/she know they owe you one?  are you going to approach him/her?
  5. does tax day make you want to shoot some one in the face?




10 comments on “more me!

  1. Non-Domestic Goddess says:

    Since I NEVER do anything wrong, I do not need to apologize for a thing! Actually that’s a lie. I apologize for lying.

    To my future ex: I’m sorry I’m not the “perfect” wife. I’m sorry I’m not more like June Cleaver. And, frankly, I’m sorry for being sorry because I am who I am! So you can just shove June Cleaver up your @$$.

    BTW, I’m sorry for all the anger and usage of foul language at the end. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    1. Yes, the wonders of childhood – haven’t we all had to be friends with someone just because your parents are friends. My mother felt that I needed to be friends her bff’s daughter who was a manipulating social lepper. Needless to say I apologized for a lot I wasn’t sorry for in an attempt to not be forced to be her friend.

    2. Probably – cannot say that there is a distinct moment where I can look back and say that.

    3. Nope

    4. Every parents who yells at me at work probably does on some level owe me an apology. But I would prefer they just change their behavior, society doesn’t need more yellers

    5. My dad does my taxes, but I did choke at my return – that made me angry

  3. Joseph says:

    1) I’m married and I’m the husband, so yes, I have apologized for many things I didn’t feel needed an apology.
    2) I’m married and I’m the husband, so yes, I have not apologized many times when I definitely should have.
    3) I don’t think so, but I might be wrong. If I am, then sorry…
    4) Not that I can think of. If somebody did owe me one, I’ve probably already let it slide.
    5) This year taxes made me want to shoot someone in the face, but only because the treasurer at my business made a command decision that she wasn’t going to withhold any taxes from my paycheck last year. Oh yeah, and she never even told me she was doing that. Grrr…

  4. Jonathan B says:

    Today I heard of a person who paid 100 dollars in taxes for 2010 during 2010, and got a refund of 1500 dollars for 2010. There’s something wrong with a tax system where you can get back more than you paid in. If your credits exceed your taxes, you should get 0, not a refund.

  5. I owe lots of people an apology. I’m gonna get it out of the way right now:

    Sorry, ladies. I’m single, but already spoken for. I don’t know who she is yet, but God does.

    Please form a single-file line at Clay Morgan’s blog. A little birdie told me he’s single, and way more professorial than me.

    • Jonathan B says:

      Ha, I like this! I too am single but spoken for in similar fashion. If, however, any of the aforementioned ladies feel they may be the one for whom I am spoken, please have a little talk with Jesus and see if He agrees. 😉 The comment section of a blog is probably not the weirdest place from which a marriage might be spawned.

  6. Jennifer C says:

    1. Yes. Did it turn into my first-ever-not-proud-of-it screaming match with my sister? Yes. Did she apologize? No. Does she even remember any of it? No.
    2. I’m human, so yes. I wish I could say no.
    3. *siiiigh* Yes. I have to ask the Lord to help me with this one.
    4. Yes, and it’s related to #3. I think it’s more important that I forgive them and ask for forgiveness even if I hear from them again.
    5. Not yet. Filing single with no dependents is pretty simple. Anyone wanna complicate it with me?

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