chick flicks for guys…really?

occasionally i’ll spend some quality time with google.  if facebook were defining our relationship, it would say “it’s complicated”.  google and i go back and forth between long bouts of warm fuzzies and wanting to hire a hit on whoever introduced us.

today, google gave me a…not a gift really, but more like a double you tee eff….

the whole point of the article is that guys should watch chick flicks to figure out how to treat women.  ummmm.  okay.  there might be a lesson or two, but seriously, chick flicks?

my break down of their stellar commentary is in blue…
alt textWhat Women Want
This flick kind of speaks for itself, but men could figure stuff out just by carefully listening to a woman (which Mel Gibson is doing without even trying), and asking her what she wants (and paying attention to the answers!)

what guys will take from this movie:  “i wish i had super powers.”

alt text

A Walk to Remember
This might seem like a silly teeny bopper movie at first but then it gets better as Shane West’s character starts to wake up and see what a great girl Mandy Moore’s character is. He really sees her and goes beyond the superficial stuff.

what guys will take from this movie:  “find a dying girl and build her a telescope. mandy moore is hot.”

alt text

The Bridges of Madison County (Full Screen Edition)
Now this is how you treat a woman! Clint Eastwood’s character, Robert, does nice things for Meryl Streep’s character, Francesca; he helps her in the kitchen, he doesn’t bang the screen door, he picks her a bouquet of flowers, he tells her she is beautiful. Who knows if the relationship would have survived if Francesca had ditched her husband and two bratty teenagers and headed back to Seattle with Robert, but it was great while it lasted. A good chick flick for learning how to be a sensitive guy.

what guys will take from this movie:  “why doesn’t clint eastwood have a gun and when did he become such a wuss?”

alt textHitch (Widescreen Edition)
Will Smith actually has some pretty good advice for men, although it’s mostly about how to get a woman, and not so much how to keep her. He figures it’s up to the guy to deal with that stuff once he’s done his job getting them together.

what guys will take from this movie:  “being anything other than me is the key to getting the hot rich girl.  done.”
alt text

Groundhog Day – 15th Anniversary Edition
Bill Murray starts out glib and manipulative, falls on his face over and over, but gets a million chances to get it right. How many of us get that many chances? Anyway, he finally figures it out: be sincere, be honest, speak from your heart, pay attention, be kind, etc. and he finally gets the girl.

what guys will take from this movie:  “repeating the same day is wicked cool.”

alt text

Kate & Leopold
There is a great scene where Hugh Jackman’s character Leopold arranges a dinner on the roof of the building where Meg Ryan’s character Kate lives. He hires a violin player, has candles burning, etc. What woman wouldn’t love that? He also sends her a spectacular apology note. He treats her like a woman and an intelligent person. He makes breakfast for her!

what guys will take from this movie:  “hugh jackman is gay.”

what guys will also take from this movie:  “if i’m gay, i can get meg ryan to jump off a bridge into a time vortex.”

alt text

50 First Dates (Widescreen Special Edition)
This is a sweet movie similar to Ground Hog day in that the leading man shows persistence. In Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray’s character was, at first, persistently manipulative. In this movie, Adam Sandler’s character keeps trying to woo a woman who always forgets who he is because she suffers from short-term memory loss after an accident. If men would put this much effort into maintaining a relationship, the world would be a better place!

what guys will take from this movie:  “whatever i have to do to get drew barrymore is fine.”

alt textTitanic (10th Anniversary Edition)
Jack is a sensitive guy who’s got Rose pegged and isn’t intimidated by her elevated social status. He connects with her right away and makes her feel special and worthwhile. What’s cool about this movie is how focused he is on her up until the very last minute of his life.

what guys will take from this movie:  “steaming up an old Ford with kate winslet – good.  freezing to death for kate winselt – bad.”

alt text

On Golden Pond
Henry Fonda treats everyone like dirt except his wife, played by the graceful Katherine Hepburn. They are both in their 70s but still act like they are teenagers in love.

what guys will take from this movie:  “two shots to the arm for having seen On Golden Pond.”

the moral of the story?  guys don’t go to movies to get advice on anything.  they go to movies to watch things explode or to see a naked chinaman jump out of the trunk of a car.  if they want to learn something, they’ll watch Pawn Stars or documentaries about Bansky.

okay guys.  you’re turn.  am i wrong?  have you ever learned something from a chick flick.

chicks ladies, is there a chick flick you think the guys should see?


27 comments on “chick flicks for guys…really?

  1. Joseph says:

    I’ve learned that watching the occasional chick flick with my wife goes a long way, just because I’m relinquishing control a little bit and taking an interest in something she’s interested in.

    I’ve also learned that even the most normal, well-adjusted woman can struggle with unrealistic expectations for life and relationships after indulging in too many chick flicks. That’s why I (half) jokingly refer to them as “female porn.”

  2. Oh boy, where to start on this one…
    Firstly, Dieth, you are correct!

    I think Joseph already touched on it.

    Chick flicks are NOT about reality. Any chick that aspires to that ridiculous idol of hollywood romance is deluded and has no grounding in what the rest of us like to call ‘Real life’.
    Real romance is a side affect of a relationship. Too many people see it as the other way around.
    Now, am i saying that a guy shouldn’t watch the occasional chick flick with his significant female other? No i am not saying that.
    It is an act of sharing something together that the lady in the relationship ‘may’ like to do. Just as the lady should occasionally share in the experience of something the guy likes to do.
    Personally, my wife would rather watch an adventure or comedy flick than some soppy romance flick. (yes, ive said it before, i married WAY above my class)

    But to go so far as saying that guys SHOULD watch chick flicks to learn from them is like saying kids should watch Starwars so they can learn about real space travel.

    So, back to my thought about the idol of hollywood romance. It basically is just that. An idol is something that you value higher than other important things in your life or relationship. So many people want that romance and ‘perfect’ scenario that they see on the movies that they loose a little grip on reality and forget that hollywood movies are for…. wait for it… ENTERTAINMENT. NOT education. They are there to escape from life for a bit, to stir emotions, to laugh and cry, To challenge and inspire you.
    So when you let go of what Hollywood or Bollywood wants you to believe is romance and focus on that person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will start to find out what romance truly is.

    End of rant.. for now

    • my sis-in-law broke up with my bro-in-law 3 times before they got married. all three times were right after she watched Sleepless in Seattle. she didn’t feel “magic” when she held his hand so she’d break up. le sigh.

    • Jonathan B says:

      I’d just like to have the energy level of those Bollywood guys. Also, I think more everyday events should involve 20 people breaking out into epic dance numbers. Think how much more fun waiting in line at the post office at Christmas could be.

  3. dtdorrin says:

    I believe most mature and level-headed women realize that chick flicks are for entertainment and not real. Most women I know don’t wander around looking for a shirtless Matthew McConaughey to sweep them off their feet. So yes, chick flicks are often silly and delusional, but I don’t think they’re all that different from other movies that men watch (the number of men I know who idealize movies like Braveheart is way higher than women who do the same to chick flicks).
    Anyway! I believe men should watch a movie their girlfriend/wife chooses every once in a while because chances are, she’s watched a movie he’s chosen but didn’t really enjoy. But maybe not a Nicholas Sparks movie because that’s just cruel and unusual punishment for all parties involved.

  4. G Fresh says:

    “Thelma and Louise” taught me that world would be a much better place if Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis drove off a cliff…or something.

    Also that guys who look like Brad Pitt are not to be trusted. Lllllladies. ;o)

  5. Jonathan B says:

    I’ve seen various portions of Groundhog Day when it would be running on TV. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the whole thing. And that’s about it for the list. I *have* watched some of the Hallmark specials, because my dad and I watched them with my mom.

    Now for a separate category, you’ve got the sappy holiday specials, particularly the Christmas ones. Those qualify as holiday traditions so they sort of get exempted from the chick flick categorization, since everyone is obligated to watch them for the holidays. How many people have been in the US for at least one Christmas and never seen It’s a Wonderful Life?

    • How many people have been in the US for at least one Christmas and never seen It’s a Wonderful Life?


      • Jonathan B says:

        Clearly, you are actually a Martian invader, Zechariah. If we play Indian Love Song at you, will your brain explode like in “Mars Attacks!” ? 😀

      • amyhillberg says:

        I’m with Zechariah. I’ve been here for too many Christmases to count, but the count on my It’s a Wonderful Life viewings = zero.

        • Jonathan B says:

          I don’t know how people can manage to *not* see it. I think that and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special run just about 24/7 for half the Christmas season. :>

  6. Jenn says:

    I might be one of the only women who finds chick flicks irritating and sometimes depressing. They are not real life and I know it. I also do not feel a desire to dwell in the fantasy because it is not even the life I want, though I confess I might want their closets and their crazy amounts of disposable of income.

    I think there is plenty of good, fun movies out there without resorting to the sad trashy state of affairs featuring Ms. Lopez or Aniston

    • Jenn says:

      And I will add if I really want a chick flick, it’s one I can laugh at, like Twilight. And when Breaking Dawn comes out my girlfriends and I will go have a few drinks and then go whistle at the jail bait – we are not going to plop down on the sofa and subject our respective partners to the torture.

    • Jennifer C says:

      You aren’t the only one.

  7. #1 way to get a guy to see a chick flick: give it a really cool concept. AKA how I accidentally took a friend on a date (dutch) to see Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    Story about a guy who ages backwards? Win. Set in New Orleans? Win. Possibility I might see a friend of mine as an extra? Slightly possible win. Realizing it’s a chick flick by the third preview for another chick flick? Lose.

  8. My brothers favorite move is On Golden Pond. I had serious concerns after watching it. He is a tough guy – so I actually reconciled it in my mind as his way of showing us he was getting softer. I hope my brother doesn’t read this. I have two — does that make it anonymous enough?

    • riggs says:

      i’m a tough guy, too. my favorite movie is a tie between braveheart and gladiator. i’ve constantly quoted these two great films since 1995… being a warrior is my life theme. but i cry watching certain chick flicks. is that wrong? also, some commercials make me shed a tear or two. am i less of a man? i don’t think so. i still want to kick ass (when needed)! real men value love and stuff, right?

  9. Amanda says:

    I lean towards musicals more than chick flicks. Which might possibly be chick flickier. It’s hard to say. The only musical/chick flick I would say guys have to see is Singing in the Rain. It’s brilliant. And hilarious. And not at all like the cheese you think of when you think of musicals.

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