caption this! please…..

insert plug caption here


21 comments on “caption this! please…..

  1. Jason Houk says:

    Finally, a woman for men with ADHD:

    Ewww… shiny!!!

  2. Lynelle says:

    Last years Christmas tree at the Bunny Ranch.

  3. riggs says:

    jazz hands!

  4. G Fresh says:

    Miss December 2011 from the Annual Griswold Family Commemorative Calendar.

  5. “maybe now they won’t notice my eyebrows…”

  6. the wicked witches lesser known sister from south by southwest.

  7. Matt Gates says:

    Sheila really liked to push the envelope on casual Fridays.

  8. mlt says:

    NOW let’s see ’em walk right past when I mime “trapped in invisible box.”

  9. G Fresh says:

    Charlie Brown never did get the hang of picking out an appropriate Christmas tree for the Nativity play.

  10. Jonathan B says:

    Did anyone else hear You Light Up My Life playing in their head?

  11. SWF with glowing personality. Likes bikinis and heels.

  12. G Fresh says:

    The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition really went downhill after they hired Lady Gaga to put it together.

  13. G Fresh says:

    Sharideth: No, no, see? It will be great! We’ll hire a woman with really bad hair, put her in a bikini and some Christmas lights and have her stand outside offering free coffee samples to drum up more business.

    Coffee Shop Powers That Be: Yeeeeahhh…I’m gonna have to go ahead and fire you now…

  14. Debbie’s plan was going great–until she realized the extension cord just wasn’t long enough.

  15. kp says:

    Christmas lights. For when you don’t have a bag to put over your head.

  16. “Put your hands up and take the Crypt Keeper mask off of your face! Oh, wait, sorry.”

  17. “I can’t believe you didn’t notice that I got a haircut.”

  18. Corrie Phillips says:

    Hawt. No really. These are hot. Omg, Paris. Stop agreeing with me and unplug it.

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