april fools!

you thought there’d be a post here today!


there isn’t.

what’s the worst april fool’s joke that has been played on you or that you played on someone else?


7 comments on “april fools!

  1. G Fresh says:

    A few years ago shortly after my buddy Mike moved to Portland, we managed to convince more than a few of his friends that he had knocked up some girl in Nashville and was trying to decide whether or not to marry her via a fake conversation on his Facebook wall.

    His mom finally called us out on it late in the day, but we were amazed at how many people fell for it. 😀

  2. Amanda says:

    Two of my friends (now married) convinced another friend that they had broken up because she couldn’t handle that he was a vegetarian. We were all at a party and it went on for a couple of hours. It was well crafted, complete with fake tears (thanks to handsoap) and a heartfelt man-to-man late night talk outside. When our friend found out that it was a joke, there was lots of profanity. He still won’t talk about it.

    This was also a year after the same two friends hid a pound of rockets candy in all of his stuff. Also the same year we made a cardboard cutout version of him and took him on adventures. I’m surprised he still speaks to us.

  3. when i was in my early 20s, i had a friend i worked with who was trying to figure out a good reason to divorce her husband of about 6 months.

    she didn’t have one other than “i just don’t love him. i was too young.” blah blah whine blah

    so on april fool’s i went to work and told her i was leaving craig. i said i told him the night before and had already walked out. i shed a few tears, but said i just didn’t love him and was too young to be married.

    she freaked. thought i was crazy and all but yelled at me.

    until she realized what i was doing….

    it didn’t work. she still left her husband. he’s much happier now.

  4. riggs says:

    In college, my roommate pooped in the middle of the room and blamed the dog. Then he said “APRIL FOOLS! It was my poop!” It was the worst.

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