it’s story time

i’ve been fighting being sick all week and it has finally claimed me.  all the meds i’m having to take to not feel like i’m going to die are taking their toll and god knows what kind of nonsense would makes its way out of my Nyquil soaked brain.

so we’re going to write a story.  i am 100% stealing this idea from Tyler Tarver. i will start the first sentence, then everyone gets to add their own after that.  as  many times as you want.

the rules.

  • only one sentence at a time
  • you many finish open ended sentences and start a new one
  • no more than 15 words per sentence
  • keep it clean

that’s it.

here we go.

Prudence decided she was tired of waiting for Jethro to ask her out so she…


18 comments on “it’s story time

  1. Jenn says:

    considered asking out Jethro’s best friend Gibbs, her reasoning being

  2. that they were twins!

  3. however, gibbs had a bad breath issue that made dating impossible. finally she told jethro…

  4. Matt Gates says:

    “It’s time you put on your big boy pants and ask me out! Boom. Winning.”.

  5. @DaniJoy94 says:

    Jethro responded with a shocked and confused look, saying “Prudence, didn’t you know that I’m…”

  6. Matt Gates says:

    “…allergic to pants? Haven’t you noticed that I only wear culottes and occasionally cut-offs?”.

  7. leaving for Scotland next Thursday?

  8. “but i wouldn’t be caught dead in jorts. jeggings, however…”

    prudence began to see why jethro wasn’t asking her out, so it was time to…

  9. @DaniJoy94 says:

    Prudence was ashamed at having been so unobservant of Jethro’s leg-wear. Still, she felt that…

  10. Matt Gates says:

    When all of a sudden Matt was confounded as to whether he should add on to Sharideth or DaniJoy’s sentence, so he just said, “Screw it. Let’s go bowling…but first I need to buy some new bowling pants because Jethro stole my last pair and made them into cut-offs for himself.”.

    Ignoring the word count, Prudence interjected herself back into the story, telling Jethro that although she liked him, the pants thing was just weird and she didn’t think she’d be able to get over it. Jethro responded saying…

  11. “my pants are FABULOUS!” and left in a huff. meanwhile, gibbs went to the doctor about his halitosis. to cure it the doctor said he had to….

  12. Matt Gates says:

    …which is way more graphic than Raiders of the Lost Ark led us to believe.

  13. Matt Gates says:

    …or rather it tasted like nothing as setting a fire in his mouth destroyed his tastebuds.

  14. Having no luck in the pantaloon department, Jethro invited Prudence to the Dress Barn so that she…

  15. Matt Gates says:

    …could help him pick out a nice kilt with matching Tam o’ Shanter. Unfortunately, Prudence…

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