stuff/people i don’t hate…(swear alert)

as my friend Ryan calls them:  The Brothers Handsome

Kendra is a friend of Craig’s and Paul is a friend of mine.

Natalie Dee.  not for children only for awesome.  i’ve never met her, but i’ve seen her picture and we could’ve been separated at birth…if i were birthed a whole bunch of years later than i was…

colourmusic.  i heart them so hard.

Craig discovered this little gem.  can’t. stop. watching. it.

share some stuff you don’t hate.

happy thursday.

if your comment doesn’t appear right away, never fear.  i am a moderating ninja.


10 comments on “stuff/people i don’t hate…(swear alert)


    Designed for grad students, but all professional students can relate.

  2. Knox says:

    YOU KNOW PAUL?!? I am Jack’s profound jealousy.

  3. Jenn says: – Being GF and all, this lady has inspired me to keep exploring food. – I do *heart* bookshelves almost as much as I do books – You must go here if you love books – spent a whole weekend there last year

    Running half and full marathons

    Vegan GF cupcakes –

    Wailin’ Jennys –, their new album

  4. Mandie says:

    I hated Hanson with a passion. But. That video is just so dang peppy, I may be changing my mind. One of my favourite websites as of late.

    These are my friends in these three videos. It’s Christmas music, but I don’t care, and neither will you

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