so it’s monday…

and there should be a blog post where this sentence is.

however, sick children have conspired against me and i got exactly nothing written this weekend.  in Craig’s words to me, “you were the one that wanted to have them.”

we shall return to our regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow.

in the meantime…

go catch up on what Joy Eggerichs is doing at her blog.

then pimp your own in the comments.  send my readers to cream of your crop linkage style.

toodles.  i’m off to buy stock in Nyquil.


8 comments on “so it’s monday…

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Now that’s makin’ lemonade from lemons. I bet you live somewhere you had to go out in subfreezing weather, maybe wade through a drift or two, to get the nyquil to help stomp down the disease that that stuff caused. Cool post.

  2. Joseph says:

    Just launched the new version of my blog at last week.

    Here’s my most-viewed from last week –

    Enjoy, and thanks for the opportunity to blog pimp, Sharideth!

  3. Life After Facebook:

    It started off as a blog about what life is like leaving the ol’ FB behind, but now it’s about other stuff too. I can’t write about just one topic. It’s pointless rants, what God’s saying, and why i’m still single, for the most part, with cameos from my job at Domino’s and from Sophie the Wonder Basset.

  4. reneamac says:

    A major portion of what I do over at Speak What We Feel is answer email about theology and living our theology out. Here’s a sampling:

    Got a question? Shoot me an email:

  5. I can vouch for Renea. She is legit. Met her in Switzerland. She reveres God, enjoys whiskey and loves a deep discussion. She is the epitome of smart. Check her out.

    And thanks for attending to your children. I love knowing that I can be a supplemental blog post when the diarrhea is rhea-ing.

  6. My blog– — is the best blog by a 6’7” bivocational pastor ever. Probably.

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