top 10 bad valentine’s day gifts

this is my list of horrible Valentine’s Day gifts.  you’re welcome.

10.  Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquetso much worse than flowers.  and flowers almost made this list.

9.  Free Hug Coupons – nothing says, “i give up” like love coupons.

8.  Gym Membership – if you need me to tell you why this is a bad idea, i can’t help you.

7.  Personalized Romance Noveltwo words.  cree.  pee.

6.  Booty Popbody part enhancement of any kind should really be avoided.

5.  Build A Bear – anything stuffed is bad enough.  custom stuffed, with a heart, voice box, tutu and roller skates?  really?

4.  Boyfriend Pillow there is nothing about this that isn’t completely weird.

3. Space Bags – unless the message you want to send is “you have a lot of stuff i think you should shrink wrap and put away”, skip these.

2.  Anything You Have to Keep Alive – puppies, plants, whatever.  don’t commit your beloved to years of maintenance.

1.  An Apology – having to say your sorry for anything on Valentine’s Day is a romance fail.  having to apologize for forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day, probably means a trip to Kay Jewelers.

what are some other bad Valentine’s Day gifts?



26 comments on “top 10 bad valentine’s day gifts

  1. heather joy says:

    Oh my soul! I laughed the whole way through this.
    Here’s one… fuzzy socks. yes, I did get that as a valentine’s day present one year from my boyfriend (at the time). Oh, and a coffee mug. He threw that in there too.

    How was it wrapped, you ask? In a plastic grocery bag. twisted. and knotted.

    epic. fail.

  2. Joseph says:

    I laughed out loud at #9. My wife game me the exact one you have pictured. I think it was for my birthday the year before we got married. It has literally been sitting on the shelf in our spare bedroom for three and a half years, and neither one of us has even tried to use any of the coupons.

  3. Jared Clifton says:

    Edible arrangements are delicious though…

  4. Jenn says:

    Completely agree and I think there should have been a list expansion to include flowers or anything with a price increase and inverse response in quality at this time of year.

    I would add that engagement rings to that list. While a fabulous idea – should not be lumped into any holiday. For goodness sake you only in theory have to do it once, please be a little creative.

  5. A corn dog from a gas station. Or anything else from a gas station.

  6. David Robbins says:

    I’ve already failed.

  7. This isn’t helping. What are GOOD ideas? I have plenty enough bad ones already!

    • sharideth says:

      but good ones are so boring. fine. maybe friday. that’ll give you the weekend to work it out.

      • the problem is that all my good ideas are like the guy who picks “Every Breath You Take” for a wedding song.

        • Jenn says:

          While there is likely a list of recommend way better than today’s list ideas. Every lady is different – maybe that is what makes it the hardest – the best gifts acknowledge that you know her.

          Example: Craig knew that Sharideth was going to be okay with the whole ring situation as seen above. So consider what does she like? Has she had mercy on you and set up an Amazon or Etsy wishlist/favorites? Has she been dropping HINTS, subtle or not so. Has she mentioned loving a certain song. Example I fell in love with Josh Ritter’s The Curse – male friend of mine at the time, now boyfriend, surprised me with the album for Christmas because he knew I loved the song – I happen to think the album is fabulous too.

          So basically rule of thumb AVOID all items on the list Sharideth has given and then consider what she would really appreciate.

  8. Have to disagree on the fuzzy socks. Jana asked for those one year.

    Usually, I ignore specific requests so I can “surprise her” (not spend a lot). That time, I thought socks were a good idea, too (cheap).

    Now, since I just made an arse of meself, I guess it’s off to the jewelry store I go.

  9. corrie Phillips says:

    I’m pretty sure my son is going to get me a heart shaped take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Either that, or he wants me to get him one. Hard to read his hints. But clearly he thinks it’s an awesome idea. In two short years he’ll be dating…

  10. So is the boyfriend pillow still weird if you were not given it as a gift but instead purchased it yourself?

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  12. Rachael says:

    How about anything that’s really a gift for yourself. I know it seems like a no brainer right?
    My dad once gave my mom hundreds of dollars worth of camping equipment. She hates camping.
    A friend of mine just got a slow cooker and a toaster for her birthday. It really makes me wish the card had read . . . “Happy Birthday! Now make me dinner.”

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