stop the presses!!!!

seems like a good day for some news, yeah?

well, i’m going to tell you anyway.  most of you know i’ve been going through Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket program to help my blog go from messing itself to using the big potty.  okay, bad analogy, but you know what i mean.

1.  as of today i have a new domain name. is still active and primary for now, but i will be transitioning to  thank you  right now, if you use the new one, or update your subscription, it will forward directly to the wordpress account, but it will change permanently sometime in the next 30 days.  i think.  i hope.  i’ll keep you posted.

i feel so growed up.

2.  tomorrow is a two-fer. there will be my standard tripe here, but there will also be my first in a series of guest posts i’m doing this month. Bryan Allain is allowing me to clutter up his blog tomorrow.  link to come.  hopefully, for my sake, he doesn’t come to his senses in the next 24 hours.

3. i’ve also got some guest bloggers coming here to fill your world with wonder and delight. but me being me, i’m totally going to hold out on you until the last minute to tell you who they are.

neener neener neener.

so that’s it.

as you were.

or guess who you think is going to guest post in the comments.  i’ll wave at you if you get it right.

in other news:


18 comments on “stop the presses!!!!

  1. heather joy says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your guest posts, and the guest posts you have coming to Guide to Women.

  2. Matt Gates says:

    My guesses for guest posters:

    Jenn, Mandie, Bryan Allain and Tyler Tarver.

    For my surprise pick, your husband Craig.

    Am I even close? :o)

  3. Walt says:

    My guesses for the guest posts.
    Bryan Allain, Tyler Stanton, Jon Acuff

  4. Russ Ray says:

    This is not a judgment… this is a serious question I have wrestled over, and since you just used their service, I’m wondering if you have some advice.

    I have wanted to register with GoDaddy because they are about the cheapest around. However, that whole “GoDaddy girl” thing they do never has sat well with me.

    If you had similar thoughts on the issue, I would like to hear your thought process. If not, no biggie… I am merely curious if I should be convinced to go with them as well, since they have about the best prices for domain purchases.

    • i know what you mean. those ad campaigns are ridiculous. i honestly didn’t even think about it though when i bought my domain name.

      i’m so ignorant of how these things are done that my friend practically pressed my fingers on the right keys to get it done.

      i would say that if it pokes at your conscience to use them, pay a few bucks more and sleep better at night.

  5. My guess–Ozzy Osbourne. And if he writes like he talks it will be a lot of “oslkez soiejfm qwl asdojm w2ao aeemeef.”

  6. Bryan says:

    My guesses for guest posts: President Obama, Tyler Tarver, and the dead gay aliens.

  7. Lynelle says:

    Well, I know I’m not the guest blogger. Mine would be all about kids and poop. What guy wants to read about that crap? 🙂

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