can’t wait or impending doom

today is Groundhog’s Day. aka Craig’s birthday, Sled Dog Day and February the Tooth.  apparently Punxsutawney Phil made an early appearance and instead of 6 more weeks of winter, decided to destroy Oklahoma.

if you’re into math and don’t live in Oklahoma, it is also 12 days until Valentine’s Day.

the number of reactions to that little nugget of truth, is all the over the emotional map.

1.  my elaborate plan isn’t ready yet! – there’s those out there who can’t believe it’s already February and they haven’t hired the string trio yet.  the hand-pulped paper for the card hasn’t been pressed and the custom M&Ms haven’t arrived.  whatever shall you do?

2.  again?  really? – some just wish the calendar skipped the 14th like some buildings skip the 13th floor.  it’s the most dreaded of all holidays and to be avoided at all costs.

3. let’s get ironic! – oh the ever expanding popularity of the Anti-Valentine’s Day party.  broken heart cookies, skewered Lil’ Smokies, J. Geils Band, lots of booze to forget you’re alone…yay!

4.  meh – some people honestly don’t care Valentine’s Day even exists.  it’s just another day to them.  unless it happens to fall on the 2nd tuesday of the month, because that means those little candy hearts with the messages on them will be the snack choice at the Elk’s club.  everybody loves those.

5.  make reservations! – Craig and i fall in this category.  “let’s go celebrate the fact that we still like each other by spending way too much money on dinner.  okay?  awesome!”  last year he even threw in a wilted rose and an african american Hallmark card from Kroger.

how do you react to the imminent day of Cupid and cheap boxes of chocolate?

what’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you on Valentine’s day?


24 comments on “can’t wait or impending doom

  1. deerene says:

    LOL. This post had me giggling.

    Valentine’s Day is one of thoes holidays that you’d rather not recognize unless you can participate…It’d be so much easier to ignore the holiday if it wasn’t so obnoxiously present…ballons everywhere, GIANT bears (who really wants one of those anyway), and you can forget eating out…

    I prefer to call it ‘single awareness day…’ b/c if v-day does anything…it makes you uber aware of how single you really are…lol

    Great post.

  2. I’m celebrating by going out of town for two weeks on business.

    I guess I fail?

  3. Joseph says:

    I love my reasonable and practical wife. She doesn’t expect an elaborate sequence of events or an over-the-top gift. She just wants me to remember Valentine’s Day and do a little something special. And she reciprocates – it’s not a one-sided holiday in our relationship.

    The best part, though, is that she’s totally cool if we have our Valentine’s Day dinner on some day other than Valentine’s Day in order to avoid crowds and craziness. She’s so awesome…

  4. I’m gonna pull a Jon Acuff Jesus Juke on ya’ll, but it comes with a great story.

    A few years ago, my friend Annie was suffering from a brain tumor, so I got all of our friends to band together and make Valentine’s Day extra special for her. She passed away the following December, but in February we decided to do something in her memory. We made cards and gave out candy at what was supposed to be the local pediatric ward, but because they were severely lacking in patients that day, we just visited everybody until the candy ran out (I say we — I was home sick that night). The following year we visited a nursing home.

    It was a great experience, though. I felt like we were reclaiming V-day in the name of real love. For once, it wasn’t Single Awareness Day for me, it was a different kind of love I was sharing. So yeah, if you plan on spending SAD sulking about your singularity, find a way to serve and show love to someone who needs it instead of wallowing in self-pity.

  5. I make sure that I shave and use deodrant.

  6. Ryan says:

    My wife and I celebrate on the 13th. 1) we always get a babysitter 2) reservations are no problem 3) we can order what we want at regular prices.

  7. Mandie says:

    The three Valentine’s previous to last year, I spent in Mexico. Specifically, an orphanage in Mexico. That’s where I’ll be this year, too.

    Mexicans go nuts for Valentine’s day. They celebrate by making out in the streets and hiring mariachi bands. It’s fun and always a spectacle.

    I usually get a card from a little Mexican boy telling me he loves me. I love Valentines day.

  8. Matt Gates says:

    I will be frantically filling out a profile whilst listening to “Muskrat Love” on repeat.

  9. Jenn says:

    Well this is the first V-Day I will be “celebrating” and it yet I won’t be as my boyfriend has been instructed not to do anything. I don’t get the massive teddy bears or the overpriced sad looking flowers and the candy – most of it I cannot eat anyways… I would rather be surprised with flowers any other day of the year, or have my apartment cleaned, laundry ironed – you know any of those really important gifts – just don’t give me something I need to dust.

  10. musingsofthemund says:

    For about as long as I can remember, I’ve referred to the dreaded day as Crapentine’s day. I’m pretty sure that was born out of bitter singleness, but now I just see it as the day hallmark, flower shops, and restaurants extort everyone for the sake of an arbitrary day in February that someone decided should be the day romance and relationships should be celebrated (I’ve always thought anniversaries would be more meaningful, but what do I know). I say it’s more fun to be spontaneous throughout the year than to have to come up with something on the same day as everyone else in the country. “I’m celebrating our love today, just like everyone else!” Cynical? Yeah, probably. Maybe that’s why I’m still single. 😀

    Love this blog, btw!

  11. King says:

    My wife and I dont need greedy corporations to tell us when to make each other feel special.
    We see any day as a possible day to show each other how we feel, and we do.
    It is a LOT cheaper, classier and less crowded to do your relationship on your own terms.

    Anyone who feels or gives guilt for some sort of Valentines failure need to check their reality and priorities.
    For all I care, Hallmark and ‘Saint’ Valentine can kiss my arse.

  12. David Robbins says:

    for V-Day I’m taking my wife to the Museum of Tolerance in Beverly Hills followed by a romantic dinner on the rooftop of the Corona Asylum.


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