little miss can’t be wrong

this might come as a shock to you, but i’m not a fan of the word “emasculation”.  don’t get me wrong, it’s a great word.  graphic, lots of syllables.  word win.  it’s the definition that totally blows.

that’s kind of what dating little miss can’t be wrong is like.  sounds good on the front end, but in practice, kind of horrifying.

this girl like a freaking Stealth Bomber.  looks really cool, but will fly under your radar and destroy you.

she’ll make you doubt your own mind.  make you feel like you deserve to be corrected.  make you begin to wonder how you ever tied your shoes without her.

don’t fall for it.  she’s only trying to make her issues, your issues.

1.  she’s never wrong.  just ask her. – actually that’s not completely true.  she’ll say she’s not right all the time.  but she doesn’t really believe it.

2.  probably missed her calling as a lawyer. – or maybe she didn’t.  she actually might be a lawyer.  her ability to argue that the sky is green is very convincing.

3.  she can be a hoot. – the whole attraction is how much fun she can be.  she organizes a great party.  do it her way, everyone has fun.  don’t do it her way, nobody has fun.  and by nobody, i mean her.  and by extension, you.

4.  passive aggression is her super power. – it may as well be Excalibur in her hands. you’ll be cleanly cut in two before you ever see the blow.

her control freakishness, and make no mistake, that’s what it is, should tick you right off.  it means she doesn’t value you or believe you can accomplish anything correctly without her instruction.  she probably picked you because there was something about you that said you’d tolerate being under her thumb.

how do i say this kindly?

have you checked for your testicles lately?

there is hope.  i’m not saying there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow shooting out of a unicorn’s horn.  i’m just saying she’s not completely unchangeable.

you just have to locate your manhood and learn a single word.


you have to shine a mirror in her face by exposing her righteous rightness for what it is.  a disrespect for you.  and oh man, she’s going to hate it.  she’s going to hate it like Kanye hates grammar. she simply doesn’t think of it as a disrespect for you, she sees it as being the way things should be.  obviously.

you’re going to have to do it firmly but not combatively.  don’t put her on the defensive if you can help it.  this is where she shines and will convince you you’ve blown a gasket.

you haven’t.  the more you believe it, the more she’ll believe it.  the more you stand your ground, the more respect you’ll earn from her.

you’re a dude.  be a man.

ever met a girl like this?

did she run for class president in high school?  i bet she did.

23 comments on “little miss can’t be wrong

  1. Jenn says:

    I think this is a really important issue especially because I don’t intend to emasculate any man, but it happens. It happens when I push, even gently, and you (the man) don’t push back. I know I can be wrong, I know that I am not always right, and sometimes I am completely out of line etc – call me on it – if you are afraid of me we’ve got a problem.

    I posted this today on my blog – editted a little for you: “Relationships are a dance, an equal give and take partnership, with the man leading like any good dance. If it’s lopsided you will fall and someone will get smooshed/crushed in the process, likey you. In the end your weakness will guarantee you find a way to the bottom side of my soft gray BCBG stiletto pumps if you can’t man up.”

  2. Tyler says:

    The word of the day is…testicles.

    Nice post, almost dated a few of these but decided not to take s from nobody.

    s is for smattered applause

  3. Melissa says:

    Can anybody even remember their highschool class presidents?

  4. Mandie says:

    I think of all the irritating girls in the world…these are my least favourite.

  5. Matt Gates says:

    Sounds like my dad’s wife to a T. :/

  6. Jeff says:

    Sounds like my kind of girl.

  7. Hey Sharideth, I just came over here from Bryan Allain’s blog. It took me a long time to get out of the nice guy box, and become just enough of a jerk that a girl would marry me. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  8. Jon says:

    This was funny! You better be on guard for letter bombs.

  9. I worked for a chick like this. She would send me passive-aggressive emails from her blackberry telling me where I had missed a comma in a form letter, but to my face she was all forced smiles. At the time, i was a first semester grad student at 25 and I figured her to be much older based on the fact that she already had her master’s; then another co-worker, in her early thirties, guessed that boss lady had to be sub-30.

    You’re right, it was all about her being in control and lack of respect. I’m fairly certain they hired me on as the only guy in the office so I would do all the heavy lifting and so I wouldn’t get any crazy ideas from having another guy to talk to.

  10. […] very annoying.  she looks a lot like Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong from the Glossary of […]

  11. yeah right says:

    I could be right there with you on this thing, except you take something that’s bad for *anybody*:

    “her control freakishness, and make no mistake, that’s what it is, should tick you right off. it means she doesn’t value you or believe you can accomplish anything correctly without her instruction. she probably picked you because there was something about you that said you’d tolerate being under her thumb.”

    and made it all about this:

    “have you checked for your testicles lately?”

    and I just want to ask you this: Since when is not being pushed around equated with having a pair of nuts?

    Right, I know it’s been a societal message for a long time. But on this count, SOCIETY IS WRONG.

    It’s wrong to be a control freak FOR EITHER GENDER. It is NOT a mark of manhood to not allow someone to control you. Women should not be controlled by men either.

    In short, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER. It has to do with humanity in general.

    Because seriously? At the end of the day? Which is gonna hurt more? Being kicked in the ovaries, or being kicked in the balls? You can’t even *be* kicked in the ovaries. I just answered my own question. So why, again, are nuts equated with strength? Have you ever *seen* a guy who’s been kicked in the nuts? Yeah. Thought so.

    Seriously. I’m so over this sexism crap. And you being female does not give you a free pass–like you could possibly prove you’re female anyway. Maybe you’ve never heard the old adage: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

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