i believe i can fly and other things that have nothing to do with r. kelly

you might have noticed a change or two here AWGTW.  is it because i want to appear to be super cool and expanding all our horizons?  yes.  yes, it is.

blame Bryan Allain.

i am his padawan.  i’ve signed up for his first round of blog coaching through BlogRocket.  Bryan started me on the road to blogging excellence by telling me within 90 seconds of our first phone call, how much he hated my layout.  i don’t think i can emphasize enough how much he hated it.

it was awesome.

awesome that he was so blunt, not my layout.  my layout was overused and so 2000 and late.

other changes are coming.  we’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

but you’ll have to tell me.  if you dig the new stuff, comment.  if it makes you want to slit your wrists, comment.  don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  i don’t have any.

kidding.  i have a couple.  but they are not easily trod upon.

so that’s the big announcement.  exciting, right?  no?  fine.


8 comments on “i believe i can fly and other things that have nothing to do with r. kelly

  1. Jenn says:

    I really like the pokka dots – and no that is not a compliment under-duress. And I’ve got to argee about the previous layout – it wasn’t quite doing it for me – but I come for the content and not the aesthetic, it’s what is on the inside that counts isn’t it?

  2. Melissa says:

    Absolutely exciting. I look forward to your future changes!

  3. Katie M says:

    I dig the new…digs! 🙂 Bryan + Sharideth = Awesome explosion.

  4. Bryan says:

    good news was, i lost 4 pounds last week thanks to vomiting induced by the old theme.

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