18 and smart are mutually exclusive

oh 18, you're such an idiot. click the pic for the story.

earlier this week, i was over Kevin Keigley’s blog.  considering he’s a father of 6 and looks like he’s barely out of college, his humor is probably necessary for survival.

anyhoo, he asked a question i thought was a good one.  “if you could go back and meet your 18 year old self, what would you tell you?” (yeah, i steal.  so sue me.)  my answer was “you are stupid now as you are ever going to be in the whole of your life.”

which is absolutely true.

at 18 you are a legal moron adult, with the whole big wide world out there to plague experience and none of the life skills to make a single good decision.  but you think you have them.  oh yes.  you are convinced that the answers are so freaking obvious and anyone over the age of 30 is 3 IQ points short of a rock.

bless your 18 year old heart.

and your relationship choices?  good lord.  but maybe that was just me.  i should’ve been put down.

so here’s the question…if you could go back:

what would you say to your 18 year old self about dating?

and here’s a couple more…

what kind of car were you driving?

how often do you time travel?


16 comments on “18 and smart are mutually exclusive

  1. me first!

    1. for the love of god, stop dating! you’re bad at it! you leave carnage in your wake. just marry craig 2 years early and end it already.

    2. 76′ toyota celica. boom! you jealous!

    3. once a year on january 1st.

  2. Matt Gates says:

    So I posted a comment and it didn’t show up…



    1. 2.



  3. Jenn says:

    Let’s see – my advice would have been relax, just calm the heck down about everything – but to do that get your a** into therapy don’t wait until the carnage of 2008 to do it – give yourself an opportunity of a decade without all that drama. And do not for the love of all things not even holy kiss Richard – ewww.

    As to the car – it was this lovely thing called public transit.

  4. Matt Gates says:

    Grrr…apparently my comments actually related to the entry aren’t posting. Syphilis made it on though so that’s good.

  5. heather joy says:

    1. If you’ll just listen to mom and dad, you’ll avoid alot of those mistakes you’re gonna make.

    2. A ’84 barney-purple 2-door FORD Escort. *sigh*

    3. Whenever my mind wanders away from me.

  6. Matt Gates says:

    4th times the charm?

    1. I’d print out a copy of your previous post, hand it to my 18 year old self and say, “Here. Read this. Study this. If you do what it says you might not have to wait until you’re almost 25 before you get your first girlfriend.”

    2. ’91 Ford Taurus

    3. As often as I need to to set right what once went wrong.

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  8. Mandie says:

    1. Avoid anyone with a unibrow.

    2. 1999 Honda CR-V. I only recently parted from this vehicle. Looking like a hockey mom at 18 is really special.

    3. Just the time I sent a text message from 1900.

  9. Cole says:

    I was a perfect 18 year old. Even typing that sarcastically seems wrong. I’m only 23 and still just a punk kid, but I’m encouraged that I’m at least ‘better’ than I was at 18! Great post!

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