so for the new year…

thanks to you guys, AWGTW had a fairly successful first year.  for 2011, i’m going to make some changes.  actually, they’ll be more additions as opposed to changes.

y’all will just have to give me the yay or nay on some of it.

1.  expanding the blog for girls, too. i know a lot of what i do here is applicable for different situations, no matter your gender, but instead of starting a whole other blog for girls, i think i’ll just add it here.  thoughts?

2.  guest posts. i’ve got at least 3 lined up that i think y’all are going to like.  well, they’re going to be by bloggers that i like anyway.  dorks, every one of them.

3.  domain change. i might get really crazy and buy my own domain name.  this will mean upgrading my site and maybe another change or two.

things are getting wild up in here!

not really.

what are your plans for 2011?  anything new or different?  goals?

got any big party plans to ring in the new year?  why am i not invited?


sorry.  i just got distracted by a Shake Weight commercial….

what else is in store for your 2011?  are you going to live like you’re dying in 2012?  maybe you should.

see you next year!


7 comments on “so for the new year…

  1. Lizzy says:

    Plans for 2011 – hopefully get married…. and find a different job.

    Big party plans – hanging with my kids playing Wii… wooo

  2. Jenn says:

    1. Sure – expand it, but does that mean you have to change the name? I think the name is perfect.

    2. Guest posts – exciting!

    Goals for 2011 – Start seminary in September, run 3 marathons and 2 halfs – and try to get as far out of student loan debt before seminary starts. Beyond that I am open to whatever happens

    • nah, i won’t change the name. i like it.

      the guest posts will be fun. i’m 87% sure. i’ll be guest posting some after the first of the year too, so i’ll make sure to link that mess.

  3. Matt says:

    1. Plant a vegetable garden. I’ve already got the okay from my landlord, I just need to figure out how to do it on the side of the hill where I live. At the very least I’ve got some compost going in a compost tumbler I built a couple months back.

    2. I don’t really have anything other than a couple of friends are tentatively planning something that may or may not happen. Whatever I do, if anything, it can’t be too expensive because I blew my entertainment budget on my nephews for Christmas presents and traveling back home to Indiana. 🙂

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