so, whadja git?

A Woman’s Guide To Women: A Blog for Men makes it’s brilliant and triumphant return tomorrow.  that’d be the 28th for those keeping track.  clouds will part, trumpets will sound, snow will melt…*

while you wait with bated breath**, go ahead, drop a list of the loot you got for Christmas.  brag or grouse away.  whatever the case may be.  if you received a gift that was ordered from Regretsy (!!!! danger!!!! this website will offend your sensibilities!!!! you’ve been warned!!!!), you win.

me first.  check the comments.

*the author’s delusions of grandeur are neither supported nor guaranteed by this station.

**i have no idea what that means…


4 comments on “so, whadja git?

  1. i got:

    *one of those brownie pans that makes sure each one has at least one corner of deliciousness
    *collapsible measuring cups and spoons that i’ve been asking for for 3 years
    *a super cool silver plated vintage clam shell handbag
    *4 pounds of Red Vines – you heard me.

  2. Jenn says:

    Well I got in theory (did not arrive in time – darn UPS) everything I asked for – which makes me feel a little guilty since they were expensive…

    *Craft Waterproof Running jacket – kind of desperate for it considering it’s been pouring down here
    *Compression capri length running tights
    *iTunes card
    *Parental favorite – cash, which actually pays for my massage therapy this morning.

    A Regretsy gift would have been awesome – I have had my eye on this one:

  3. Matt Gates says:

    Camouflage hunting pants from my brother which I will wear approximately 1-2 times a year when I go hunting with him. Apparently, my brother was embarrassed to be seen with me out in the woods when I was wearing my $6 army camo pants that I bought from Goodwill just for the occasion. I didn’t realize deer knew the difference between army camo and hunting camo. My bad.

    My dad came down 2 weekends before Christmas and helped me build a sweet Murphy table for my tiny kitchen. It’s pretty much highly functional art. :o)

    A little cash from my mom and an aunt.

    Sadly, I did not get a Colts Snuggie like I wanted, but I did give the gift of Snuggie to my little brother. I hope he likes it even though it’s in an Army camo pattern. :oD

  4. Tyler says:

    i got a fedora, complete with a list of grade-A comebacks for the ridicule about to be unleashed, literally, upon my head.

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