joyous yuletide!

originally i had thought to just post, “it’s Christmas Eve.  get off the internet.”  then i figured i could do better than that.  but probably not by much.  i’ve got presents to wrap, food to cook, children to manage on, what is to them, the “longest freaking day of the year”….

craig and i and the kids are on our own for Christmas this year.  all of our family lives in Washington state, while we reside in Tennessee.  but don’t cry for me Argentina.  we have friends and each other and this magical thing called the telephone to still have a connection.

craig and i are often on our own for holidays considering our geographical differences with the rest of our fam.  so we collect strays.  we know we’re not the only ones who are without their families during times that are meant for gathering with others who share strands of your DNA.  so we pull together whom ever wishes to hang and pretend we are all related.

which, in a way, we are.  we have friendship and common ground and varying degrees of board game proficiency.  we have fun and inside jokes and history.  we break bread and toast and hug and laugh.

sounds like family to me.  maybe even better than what some families experience when they are all in the same room together.

Christmas is what you make of it.  at least that’s what i’ve found since moving away from home.  but no matter how it changes on the surface or who you share it with, Christmas is still about a gift that was given 2000 years ago that none of us deserved.

God in His infinite wisdom and compassion made a way for us to be eternally part of His family.  children of the same Father.  unified by faith.

so tear the crap out of the wrapping paper.  remind your brother and everyone else in ear shot of the time he vomited on the Christmas tree.  ruthlessly cheat when you play Trivial Pursuit against your genius cousin.  and be grateful.  it’s a happy day, no matter who you are calling family.


3 comments on “joyous yuletide!

  1. Jenn says:

    Merry Christmas to you and all your strays. And I will add thanks for taking in the strays for whatever they are solo this year – I was one of those for two years and my best friend’s family never asked why – it was nice to just get a glass of Bailey’s over ice and yell at Fox news or whatever we did and have no one care that your family was at war.

  2. Sonny Bundy says:

    ……everlasting father, Prince of peace…… Love you hon, miss you

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