#twittertwaddle: #alliwantforchristmas

you should click that ^^^^then do what it says

welcome to #twittertwaddle: christmas edition.  let’s play, shall we?

#alliwantforchristmas is this broad to stop naggin – i’d be curious to see what she wants.

#alliwantforchristmas is @justinbieber to follow me on Twitter. – who doesn’t?

#AllIWantForChristmas Is @joeymcintyre to follow me. – he’s the justin bieber of his generation.  oh and she posted this at least 3 times that i’m aware of.

#alliwantforchristmas is a rosary and a box of frosted flakes – done.

#alliwantforchristmas is a year supply of cherry poptarts – this is on my list, as well.

#AlliWantForChristmas is a hippopotamus – someone should write a song about that.

#alliwantforchristmas is to be able to breathe through my nose – good thing santa is also an ENT.

#AllIWantForChristmas head phones – this was her 8th alliwant tweet.  i think she missed the point.

#AllIWantForChristmas is a Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck Republican ticket in 2012. – he’s a democratic strategist.

#alliwantforchristmas betty white to be my grandmother – me too.  ‘sup cuz?

#allIwantforchristmas I want extra teeth in order to smile with more authority – you should probably look up Taylor Lautner’s orthodontist.

#Alliwantforchristmas is a x-box kinect but I only want it to play Just Dance 2 #dontjudgeme – i’m totally judging you right now.

#alliwantforchristmas is to become a verified tweeter!!!! – your name is PRiiNC3ZSPARkl3 and nobody knows who you are.

#ALLIWANTFORCHRISTMAS Dear Santa, please let us all make it home in one piece. My moms driving is terrifying. – i’m thinking this one should go to Jesus.

#alliwantforchristmas is three donuts to match the one i already got on my car – you be stylin’.

#alliwantforchristmas is for someone to put the URN letters back on my saturn – meh, just start making up anagrams for SAT.  like Super Awesome Taurus.  okay, maybe not that.

your turn.

#alliwantforchristmas is….

anagrams for SAT.  go.


5 comments on “#twittertwaddle: #alliwantforchristmas

  1. Brianna says:

    #all I want for Christmas is someone to pay me to write my music!!

  2. Jenn says:

    Is my student loan to be gone… but since that is asking for a lot how about a happy left knee and the ability to run a sub 4:30 in the Houston Marahton – I think that’s a little more realistic then getting that loan gone.

  3. Melissa says:

    #alliwantforchristmas is a pretty boy decorated with a big, red ribbon, preferably jumping out of a large cake.

  4. Lynelle says:

    #alliwantforchristmas is some homemade Kahlua from Sharideth. And my two front teeth. Oh, that’s been taken already. 🙂

    My anagram for SAT is: Such A Turd, Stupid @$$ Turd…hmmm…

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