so it’s christmas week…

yesterday was my 18th wedding anniversary.  we went out to dinner at a super swanky sushi spot here in nashville.  a good friend of ours waited on us and it was delicious.  why was it delicious?  because i ordered for us.  craig openly admitted to our friend, when she came to take our order that, for exactly 18 years, i’ve been ordering ordering better than he has.  which is not completely true.  he’s ordered something better than what i chose, twice.  in 18 years.  but it did begin with dinner on our wedding night.  i ordered swordfish, he doesn’t even remember what he ate, only that he will never forget the swordfish.

however, he’s better at buying gifts.  craig has some magical sense for getting the right thing.  he made one of our groomsmen cry when he gave him an Uncle Duke* action figure as a groomsman gift.  he routinely finds things for me (i.e. vintage boots or handbags) that are perfect in style and fit.  it’s like his super power.

i, on the other hand, suck at shopping for him.  i actually try to keep notes throughout the year on ideas for him for christmas.  it’s dumb.  this year i think i nailed it, but only time will tell.

so here’s the questions:

1.  are you a good gift giver?

2.  what’s the best and/or worst gift you’ve ever given?

3.  are you an early or a late shopper?

4.  are you a tease?  do you like to dangle clues or do you keep your trap shut?

*Uncle Duke is a character from Doonesbury that was based on Hunter S. Thompson.  yeah, i had to look that up.


6 comments on “so it’s christmas week…

  1. Jenn says:

    1. I think I am – I try to be thoughtful, unique and generous. When in doubt I bake them something they want from scratch of course and pair it with something generic like a spa gift card.

    2(ish)I lean towards being the practical gift giver for many people in my life – my father I feel it is my duty to dress in appropriate clothing, especially since I’m the only woman in his life – so EVERY gifting occassion it is clothes. Now I only have to sneak into his closet Christmas Eve and steal all the ugly clothes…

    It might not have been the best gift moment but I gave a bike helmet for Christmas last year – my ex had a tendency to ride around town without a bike helmet which in these parts is actually illegal… the gift of I want you around longer and don’t get a $100+ ticket…

    Best gift was a Kobo for my boss – it was one gift I think that has topped most of the ones his wife and kids have bought him – he’s raving about it still.

    3. A pace shopper – some early, some later.

    4. No teasing – that is mean.

  2. 1. I like to think so, but then, I’m biased.

    2. Best – a car. Worst – can’t remember, it’s a gift, it’s not like you have to use it or hang it on your wall – you can just stick it in the loft…

    3. Late shopper – Christmas Eve normally. This year I’m five days early – must be gettin’ old.

    4. I like to dangle red herrings and then smile smugly as people take the bait…

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  4. Matt says:

    1. Yes
    2. Can’t decide as they’re all pretty good, (one of my biggest gifts to the world is abject humility) but one of my recent favorites was a copy of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” for a friend of mine’s birthday last year. She loved it.

    Worst gift? Probably one of the innumerable ties and/or awful colognes I got for my dad when I was a kid or the cheap wok I got for my mom one Mother’s Day.
    3. Generally late, but occasionally early. This year I’m doing a lot of homemade gifts (hats and scarves) and I am way behind. Whoops. 🙂
    4. No teasing for me.

  5. Mandie says:

    1. I’m decent, but combined with my [w]rapping skills, my presents are awesome

    2. Best: concert tickets to see Stars. This was a secret mission. The recipient only knew we were going somewhere. We listened to a star-themed playlist on the way there and I dropped mad puns the whole day. He didn’t get it until he read the sign. It was a brilliant gift and execution. Worst: a bucket of whey protein. I think this is the worst, but my brother loved it.

    3. Early. A good chunk of mine was done at the end of the summer.

    4. I haven’t leaked information since 1992. My brothers convinced me to tell them what I got them for Christmas. I told them, my parents were upset that I caved and I cried. Naturally the gifts were Blue Jays pennants (yes, 1992…world series…you follow?). I cried over Blue Jay pennants.

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