twitter twaddle: #whyrelationshipsdontlast

#whyRelationshipsDontLast he found out you wear a booty pop – i had to look that up.  sounded dirty.  Booty Pop.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast listening to people who know NOTHING about relationships – happens more than you might think.  so knock it off.

#WhyRelationshipsDontLast I hold a better conversation with your mom than you – ouch.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast BECAUSE.THEY.ARENT.SUPPOSED.TO. stop forcing things that never should have existed… – wow.  Origin of the Species is not a dating manual.  make a note of it.

#WhyRelationshipsDontLast because twitter and facebook is your counselor – again, knock it off.

#WhyRelationshipsDontLast cuz he don’t want me ta have a twitter 0_O wtf?? – this might require a whole blog…

#whyrelationshipsdontlast. demonic possession. – yeah, that’s kind of rough.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast someone didnt get the memo that this other person is really crazy!!! – you need to take out ad time during the Super Bowl or have Ashton tweet it.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast because everybody act like they are confused about there sexuality! Im just sayin – really?  this happens a lot?

#whyrelationshipsdontlast twitter,facebook,myspace,,video games, Television,cell phones,music have taken the place of real people. – now, that i totally believe.

#WhyRelationshipsDontLast instead of working on love, they were too busy working on their car, tan, or each others nerves. – sounds like it’s time to get a new hobby.  like paying attention.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast relationships last if you think they will. Its all in having a positive perspective – somebody is about to get shattered…or isn’t out of high school yet.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast the sister looked better – figures.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast cuz u isten to ur insecure,miserable,jealous friends – seeing a trend here?  stop it.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast because insecurity leads to distrust which ends in termination – written by MsCookieBabie which i think is code for Jason Bourne.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens split is a great example it is?  does this have something to do with Zac’s perpetual tan?

estaba leyendo mis tweets, y lei uno que puse de #whyrelationshipsdontlast y siempre hago lo mismo, no estoy hecho para una relacion i guess – you had me at “i guess”.


2 comments on “twitter twaddle: #whyrelationshipsdontlast

  1. Jenn says:

    First the tenth tweet down about twitter et al, is heavily influence from a lovely Def Jam poem titled MySpace (

    The rest well I think you nailed it with your comments – jealousy, insecurity and listening to the crazy ideas of your friends or using the media as your frame work (Zac and Vanessa for example) will get you in trouble. I think like the whole saying hi to woman thing we’ve started to believe it needs to have bells, whistles or an special iphone app to determine if it will work. Really it is harder yet more simple than that. Two people prepared to be honest and not play games with each other to spur on jealousy or whatever – get to know each other and grow their relationship – if it grows into a romantic relationship then you keep working on it and so on and so forth – takes work. I being single can’t claim I’ve found that person, but I do know when you throw all the games etc into the mix it is a disaster or an ended engagement waiting to happen.

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