bad santa, dirty santa or white elephant???

depending on where you live geographically, you’ve probably been to one of these three parties.  which are really all the same party where someone inevitably goes home with a toilet seat.

so here’s the questions:

1.  what is it called where you live?  bad santa?  dirty santa?  white elephant?  something else?

2.  what is the worst thing you’ve ever seen opened?

3.  what is the worst thing you’ve ever gone home with?

4.  what is the worst thing you’ve ever given?

5.  what the flying fig is a white elephant?!?

i’ll post my answers in the comments.  you do the same.  feel free to tell a story.  i know i will.


12 comments on “bad santa, dirty santa or white elephant???

  1. Jenn says:

    I don’t know what the heck they call them in these parts. Our building office party used to have a “fun” gift exchange where you would buy $10 gifts for the purposes of humor/seasonality. I was a young and naive and well prudish 15 yo at my first Christmas party – to my horror one of the gifts was a jar full of colored condoms – thankfully I wasn’t the recipient – I might have died. I think I went home with hideous animal slippers. Let’s just say we now 13 years later we have a “classy” $25-30 gift exchange.

  2. ChadJ says:

    Sorry to toot my own horn here, but my favorite moment comes from a white elephant party my wife and I hosted in our home. We piled the gifts, passed out the numbers, and began the festivities. My wife’s Sicilian, then-octogenarian, grandmother’s number was somewhere in the middle. Her turn came up, someone passed her a gift, she opened it. What was it you ask? Well:

    “I no need, no need,” said Nonni.

    “What is it, Nona?”

    “Here, you take. I no need.” She held it aloft. It was a brand new, shiny two-pack of Fleet enemas. We burst out laughing!

    Confession: I wrapped the Fleets. Yes, I’m that guy.

  3. 1. i’ve been to all 3.

    2. a box of Summer’s Eve douche kit. 2 pack. my friend graeme drank it. i’m not kidding.

    3. chicken in a can. a whole chicken. in a can.

    4. an electronic reindeer that pooped chocolate jelly beans.

    5. no clue. that’s why i asked you people.

    • as a kid, i went to a white elephant party with the same people from our church for about 10 years. there was a toilet seat that always got regifted at every one. people would sign it with their name and the year they ended up with it. my family is on there 3 times.

  4. Matt Gates says:

    Hello. My name is Matt. I’m 33 years old and I have never been to a White Elephant/Bad Santa/Dirty Santa party. *hangs head in shame and embarrassment*

  5. Mandie says:

    1. White Elephant – we used to have one at family Christmas

    2. *NSYNC dolls (yes, there were multiple one year).

    3. An *NSYNC doll

    4. I once cleaned out my night table drawer and put everything in a box and wrapped it.

    5. He’s albino. Give him a break.

    I’m sorry my answers aren’t more exciting.

  6. katie says:

    I have only been to ONE in my life. Last year. Where I live it is called Dirty Santa. The worst things I saw opened was the herpes stuffed “animals”. Is that what you would call them? lol I went home with suckers and coffee. I gave a plug in to the cigarette lighter coffee mug. I honestly had no clue what a ‘white elephant” until recently. LOL And…. you suck because you are missing my dirty santa party.

  7. jeffseaman says:

    1. White Elephant. It’s what we call it in Canada (I think…)
    2. Worst thing ever opened was a live lobster. It was still moving. And rather delicious.
    3. Worst thing I recieved: a 10 pound bag of rice or Carmen Electra’s Strip Aerobics DVD.
    4. I’ve given several terrible items (or awesome, depending on your sense of humour). This includes a poster of Zac Effron with a picture of my face glued over his, a garden gnome, and a signed picture of me. I don’t know what the worst one is. Probably the poster.
    5. I have no idea what a white elephant is. A better question is who calls a gift exchange dirty santa? americans? probably americans.

  8. Tyler says:

    1. dirty santa, and/or filthy beared man

    2. a crappily carved wooden eagle wrapped in old socks.

    3. refer to number 2

    4. a geometry textbook signed by stephen king

    5. they are known for their penchant for dancing, which can be uncomfortable when at an all african-american elephant club.

  9. Alissa says:

    Just had to tell you that as I was doing newsletters today I ran across ANOTHER name for this type of party: Yankee gift exchange. Not that the south is bitter or anything…

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