twitter twaddle: #thingsgirlswantboystodo

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this one was rough.  lots of the same things kept coming up over and over and over.  some were so unrepeatable that i’m considering pouring bleach in my eyeshere’s the short list of what came up most (that is repeatable): don’t cheat, don’t lie, put the toilet seat down, send flowers for no reason,  be a man, hold the door and pay for dates.  i don’t even need my Captain Obvious unitard for those.

but here are the real gems:

#thingsgirlswantboystodo get me in the mood—fold laundry!!! – why lead with this one?  because it’s freaking true.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo not order me a salad on a date…. – oh lord, this has happened to me.  don’t do that.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo get a job – sad that this is necessary and came up a.l.o.t.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo to give birth as well, but they’ve been doing so well this far! – written by a dude.  and no, we probably don’t want you to give birth.  not when head colds turn you into children.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo Be you with a hint of Justin Bieber and his swag. – only girls under the age of 14 want this.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo Make thats what she said jokes everytime she speaks and ask them to make sandwiches. – again, written by a dude.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo read minds – see here.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo die – this girl looked like a vampire.  and not the pretty, sparkly kind.

#Thingsgirlswantboystodo Be honest, even if its simple. “Babe your breath stinks” – yeah, they say they want this.  i’m not so sure.

All the talk of #thingsgirlswantboystodo annoys me. Personally, I tell my boyfriend what I want. It works. – i want to adopt her.

#ThingsGirlsWantBoysToDo Pay child support… – yikes.  justifiable bitterness win.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo Pluck the monobrow – yes.  yes, please.  do this.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo They shouldn’t want them to do anything. Thoughts are strictly forbidden in the kitchen. – *snicker*

#thingsgirlswantboystodo Share the crayons! – thanks for the input, Adam Sandler.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo Their math homework. – figures.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo kiss us when we’re pissed of at u & yelling. Just lay one right on us in the middle of a anger filled sentence! 🙂 – go ahead.  i dare you.  i double dog dare you.

#thingsgirlswantboystodo when we say “leave me alone” or “i’m fine” we are lieing so try harder. – and there you have it.

your turn.  what are somethings girls want boys to do?

*keep it clean people*


6 comments on “twitter twaddle: #thingsgirlswantboystodo

  1. Jenn says:

    Be honest with yourself – if we are dating don’t think I am the best thing ever then end the dating relationship, I don’t want to waste weeks, months or even years dating you if you can’t see a future.

    I say this because one of my fabulous staff members has been dating a guy for 2 going on 3 years and the man can’t say he loves her let alone that he sees a future because he doesn’t feel ready. BS I tell you complete and utter BS. Don’t be this man, men. Seriously don’t.

    • Mandie says:

      Monobrow is a new term for me. I’ve always called it a unibrow. I once convinced a boyfriend to get rid of his uni. He was resistant at first but gave in eventually. He still keeps up with the plucking. His current wife hasn’t thanked me. The nerve.

      And Jenn – I wholeheartedly agree. Poop or get off the pot.

  2. Matt says:

    Kill spiders
    Bathe EVERY day
    Tell them “No, those pants don’t make your butt look big!” even if they totally do.
    Open jars
    Sparkle in the daylight

    • Jenn says:

      Matt – that last one is absolutely the most important one – for sure – but you forgot about the importance of being deathly pale, “chiseled stone” and a creepy night stalker who climbs in your window at night to watch you sleep – those are just as important.

  3. Mandie says:

    Jenn don’t forget about being cold as ice. I definitely want to snuggle up to that on a cold winter night.

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