so…thanks and stuff

tomorrow is the day that we feast on turkey and green bean casserole  and pumpkin pie.  delicious.  followed by a tryptophan induced coma.  but is that tryptophan all it’s cracked up to be?

Bryan Allain says no.

click that link.  you won’t be sorry.  i was going to write a humorous thanksgiving blog, but it’s already been done better by Bryan.

so am i copping out by just linking to another blog?  yep.  indeed i am.  i’m hosting the big dinner at my house and have two house guests already with two more arriving in a few hours.  there’s much to be done.  turkeys don’t cook themselves.

i will say this, though…i am thankful for my husband, who is my rock and my champion.  i am thankful for my kids, who are my heart and my laughter.  and i am thankful for the support and encouragement i get from you guys who take time out of your day to read what i write.

enjoy your families and friends.

happy thanksgiving, charlie brown.



5 comments on “so…thanks and stuff

  1. bryan allain says:

    kill the tryptophan myth? YES. WE. CAN.

  2. auntbethany says:

    Thank you for the wonderful picture with this post! Totally made my morning, and I am linking back to your site on my own blog. Thanks for the much needed laugh!

  3. […] different…a little Thanksgiving humor I found over at Sharideth Smith’s site, A Woman’s Guide to Women:  A Blog for Men. Thanks for the early morning laugh, […]

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