twitter twaddle: #mistakesmenmake

twitter strikes gold again.  i learned a few new things reading through these.  1.  the phrase “side piece” means mistress.  “side chick” is a common variation. 2.  the fact that getting caught with your side piece is mentioned more as being the mistake than actually having a side piece.  and 3.  guys use the last 4 digits of their phone number as the passcode on their phones far more than they should.   apparently girls know you do this.

my comments are in blue.  here’s some more:

#MistakesMenMake Forget to clear browsing history.  – whoopsy doodle

#mistakesmenmake we take a shower at the side chicks house knowing she has a different soap than we do at the crib. – things wrong with this statement: 1.  possession of a “side chick”  2.  a white guy using the word “crib”.

#MistakesMenMake When your woman out of line not placing her under #PimpArrest – ???????????

#mistakesmenmake please refer to basketball wives – you can do that here to figure out why this is funny.

#mistakesmenmake Leave the toilet seat up then forget you’re not supposed to laugh when your girlfriend falls in – *snicker*

#mistakesmenmake. Not realizing women associate money with security and will do just about anything to secure it for themselves. who have you been dating?

#MistakesMenMake believe gurls when they say “just tell me the truth baby” ha, they don’t wanna hear that s#!+ – that’s probably true.

#mistakesmenmake messing with them Lindsay Lohans – i don’t know what this means but i’m guessing it’s bad.

#mistakesmenmake get caught cheating cuz of facebook/twitter…. We ain’t got no sense – and that’s all i have to say about that.

#mistakesmenmake listening to women, ‘Big Mistake’ – this guy’s name is DickJones007.  i kid you not.

#mistakesmenmake sayn “BESTIE” – but maybe he’s FABULOUUUUS!

#MistakesMenMake selling out of the crib – things wrong with this statement:  1.  selling drugs.  just say no.  2.  again, dude, you’re white.  stop using the word “crib”.

#MistakesMenMake Is not being #justinbieber – bieber fever claims another victim.  has anyone compared its numbers to the black plague?

Do I really need to go in on #mistakesmenmake? This list is so endless, I should just put a bag over my head… – make sure it’s not plastic.  you deserve to live.

#MistakesMenMake Think cos she’s a virgin, she’ll make a good wife. – i can’t seem to comment on this one without making the internet unsafe for children.  you try.  i’ll be waiting on comments.

#MistakesMenMake Not given her the same input she gives us in the relationship – this was written by a girl.

#mistakesmenmake trusting ANY female #noOffense – none taken.  or all of it taken.  whatever.

#Mistakesmenmake … drop mixtapes. – unless you’re Lloyd Dobbler.

#mistakesmenmake turtle necks & sweater vests. – amen and amen.


5 comments on “twitter twaddle: #mistakesmenmake

  1. Danny says:

    This is great! I really like your blog!

  2. Erin Collins says:

    Basketball Wives = completely get that reference.

  3. Jenn says:

    I love these twitter themed blogs you do – I so want to comment on the virgin/good wife statement but since I think it is ludicious to assume that that is the determining factor for a good wife… what about character, morals, goals, ethics and personality to start with and I know that there are those who would say being a virgin represents the best of all of the above – if so, well I guess I know why I’m still single. That is not to say it isn’t important – it is but kids if that is the ONLY thing you are using to define her then that is your problem, thus the very accurate hashtag…

  4. Tyler says:

    The last one includes my arch-nemesis and my forbidden love.

    So many feelings, so many…

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