random: my chat with a certified whackadoo

i play yahtzee online sometimes through facebook, because that’s how i roll*.  i don’t normally chat with people but sometimes they’ll start conversation during the game and i’ll engage if they’re not weird.  occasionally though, there are exceptions to my weird rule.  this is one of those.  i took pics of the conversation with my iPhone because i forgot how to screen shot my mac.  the pic i included is just one that i took while this madness was transpiring and it’s blurry, but i wanted to prove that i didn’t make this up.  enjoy.

hype313:  just so you know im psychic…..  by the way

hype313:  do you have telekinesis or psychokinesis?

me:  nope

hype313:  oh i do

hype313:  not joking..

me:  must be handy

hype313:  i developed psychic ability and toher stuff the past 4 years

hype313:  yeah it can be

hype313:  Do you know what those abilities are?

me:  yep

hype313:  cool!!!

hype313:  are you a psychic by any chance..?

hype313:  i might be wrong but im sensing you are

me:  some people think so

me:  i think they’re just more obvious about what they’re thinking than they realize

hype313:  do you what chi or ki is?

me:  yep

hype313:  that energy that comes from the solar plexus

me:  i know

hype313:  caN YOU GIVE ME TIPS??

me:  i’m not psychic

hype313:  about chi or ki.  can you give me tips.

me:  i only know what they are, not about how it works.

hype313:  oh i can feel the energy in my hands when i create the ball of ki/chi

hype313:  and throw it

hype313:  but knowe one feels it

hype313:  but me

me:  that’s probably for the best

hype313:  do you sing or play guitar or piano

me:  sing

hype313:  so do i

hype313:  ive been practicing real hard for a month

hype313:  do you have any tips

me:  get a vocal coach

hype313:  i dont have money for that but my grandmas in a band in new jersey

game over

*my comedic genius is a lethal weapon.  you’ve been warned.


2 comments on “random: my chat with a certified whackadoo

  1. L. Nelson says:

    Hahahaha! WOW! Maybe hype313 will know what I’m thinking right now. But for those who aren’t psychic, I’m thinking “COOKOO”!

  2. Aaron Reddin says:

    These are the nuggets in life that make it worth living.

    ” i dont have money for that but my grandmas in a band…..”

    F-ing brilliant.

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