random: identity crisis

occasionally i will throw out a blog that has nothing to do with anything.  they will always have “random” in the title.  this is the first.  you’re welcome.

craig and i have been plowing through episode after episode of Arrested Development.  yesterday morning we watched an episode where Michael found his birth certificate and discovered his name is actually Nichael Bluth, not Michael.  funny!  haha!  that would never happen in real life.

until yesterday afternoon when i got my legal birth certificate in the mail.

my name is sharideth.  that’s how i’ve been spelling it for 38 years.  that’s how my parents taught me to spell it.  that’s how it appears on my driver’s license and every document i’ve ever signed.  including my marriage certificate.

according to my birth certificate, it is actually spelled sharid-I-th.  who knew?

apparently not my parents.  i called them and my mom assured me that it is correct on the hospital copy she has in my photo album.

her “well, i’ll be dadgum!” over the phone was all i needed to understand that it was the same (mis)spelling on my hospital birth certificate.

i have to go in next week to the DMV to renew my license which will be the first time i’ve done that in the state of tennessee.  tennessee requires an official birth certificate to do that, thus the instigation of my identity crisis.

will they buy that it’s a 38 year old typo?  will there be more I in me?  i’ll let you know, when i know.

thanks Arrested Development.  now i know not to build houses in Iraq.


2 comments on “random: identity crisis

  1. Stacey says:

    That is random! It’s interesting that your mom didn’t know either. It makes me think that the typo was whoever recorded it. Mom’s usually know how they want their kids names’ spelled! How weird!

  2. jessi says:

    My middle name is maria on my birth certy.. my parents have always said marie… I assume this is bc of a hostipal errror… I just go with it.. I hate both of the middle names so I don’t truely care which one it is as long as u call me jessi not jessica bc it is not my real name..

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