funny – good. testosterone – bad.

if you relate to any cast member of Jersey Shore, this blog is not for you.

boys, unless she has an IQ of 6, hair that would survive a nuclear blast and a spray on tan, she is not going to be impressed by your chest thumping.  that’s not to say that women aren’t impressed by men who are well made.  we so are.  however, we will take the cute funny guy over the idiot gym rat any day, any time, any where.

snooki may want a gorilla but unless you want snooki…well, if you want snooki, i can’t help you.

when it comes to a quality girl, you might get her attention with the way you look, but you only get to keep her attention if there is a brain behind the face.  girls like smart.  girls like funny.  they become quickly disinterested if you can’t have a conversation about anything other than yourself or can’t go 30 seconds without flexing.

screaming until the veins pop out in your neck and chest bumping with your buddies at Buffalo Wild Wings during the game is fine.  do that.  get all testosterony.  just save it for your friends.  acting like with a girl is just going to turn her off.  now, if she’s there too with her friends, she’ll probably sit back and enjoy an epic eye roll at your expense, but that’s okay because she’s watching you go all man crazy at your boys, not at her.

to keep her coming back, make her laugh.  engage her mind.  show her there’s some substance there.  i dated a guy who was beautiful.  lord, he was nice to look at.  he possessed all the depth of a mud puddle.  he had about 2 weeks of rehearsed material that kept me laughing and then…that was it.  there was nothing more.  we stayed friends and i watched him run through the exact same jokes with girl after girl who was attracted to his truly staggering good looks, then found out that was really all there was.  the girl you want, needs more.  find out what interests her and talk to her about it.  relationships are built or obliterated on the strength or weakness of communication.

if you’re the type of guy who is only interested in measuring your biceps, shooting something or copious hair products, you should probably look for a girl who’s a WWF fan or head to Jersey.


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