getting her to think you’re super neat

why do sit coms always end up having the endearing nerd walking a puppy in a park and getting flocked by women?  because it works.  there’s just certain things that a woman is always going to respond to when it comes to getting her attention and making her look at you like the unicorn she’s always wanted.

convincing a girl that you are more desirable that those new $900 jimmy choo, bottle green, patent leather boots, that feel like butter and slide on like…. oh yeah, sorry, got distracted.  what we were talking about?  right.  warm fuzzies.

but those boots are really yummy…what?  i’m a girl.  shutup.

anyway…..convincing your girl of choice that you are a better man than jimmy choo, is relatively simple.  there’s things you can do that have a 91 – 97% success rate of turning her insides to mush.

  1. baby animals – if it’s furry and not full grown, you’re in.  kittens, puppies, bunnies, geez, even goats.  she’ll be powerless against the adorable.  and you don’t have to make a life time commitment to the critter.  borrow it.  offer to pet sit for a friend.  if you really want to knock it out of the park, volunteer at an animal shelter or become an animal foster home.  animals + you caring for them = warm fuzzy win.  stay away from reptiles though.  you’ll really limit your target audience.
  2. hold a baby – you are superman and babies are your yellow sun.  if you offer to hold a baby in front of her, you will get a reaction somewhere between struck dumb and tears.  it doesn’t matter how old, how married or how grumpy, if a woman sees a man offer to hold a baby, she melts into a pile of admiring goo.  i’ve seen it.  craig is often perceived as an intimidating, aloof, rock star type (he’s none of those things), but he will often walk up to a mom he knows and just take her baby.  especially if he sees she could do with the use her hands at the moment.  every woman within range dissolves.  it’s amazing.
  3. fix something – not the handiest guy ever?  doesn’t matter.  find a loose door handle or wobbly chair and tighten it up.  it doesn’t take much.  if you display even rudimentary skill with a screw driver, you’ve got her.  pull out a power tool and she might propose.  everyone, guys and girls included, have the ability to fix something.  the difference is that girls like for guys to do it for them.  it makes them feel cared for.  don’t be surprised if you get at least one home-cooked meal for every screw you tighten.
  4. flowers – think of this one as coming with a warning label.  flowers have to be used properly.  if you are still in the “i’m trying to impress her” phase, there’s really only one way to give her flowers that doesn’t run the risk of scaring her off.  table flowers.  handing her a bouquet could spook her.  so if you’re having dinner at her place, bring flowers in a vase as a “hostess gift”.  see how sneaky that is?  you’ve given her flowers, which she’ll think of as thoughtful and sweet, but in a way that she can receive them without wondering too much about what they mean.  the win?  she’ll think of you every time she looks at them.

you’re welcome.


One comment on “getting her to think you’re super neat

  1. […] You’re sexy when you’re: shaving, fixing things, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, driving, eating a peach, holding a baby. – this is so true and i covered most of it here. […]

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