about chicks, by a chick

when i got the idea for this blog i didn’t know any more about women than the next guy.  but i have an advantage.  i’m not a guy.  see, i was raised with all brothers.  females were as much a mystery to me as they have ever been to any man.  i can change an alternator and i lettered in football in high school (a story for another time) but i was completely at a loss when it came to my own species.  watching my male friends trying to navigate relationships was more like watching them put on blind folds and cross eight lanes of traffic.  like frogger for the romantically challenged.  something had to be done.

i am well aware that this is an endeavor of epic proportions.  women are complicated and unpredictable.  fortunately, my plumbing gives me the ability to infiltrate their ranks without blowing my cover.

i am also aware that some of my fellow females may hate me for it.  i already make women uneasy with my ineptness at all things crafty and loathing of The View.  i’m not going to lie, it does make them suspicious.  but ultimately, if i don’t talk too much about the Titans offense and include my kids in the conversation, they open up.  i do like women.  some of my best friends are women.  hopefully they still will be after they read this.

i’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or any other form of licensed therapist.  i’m just a girl, who has seen some stuff and am going to write a (hopefully) humorous blog about it.

i’ve been successfully married since 1992.  to the same guy even.  our relationship will make appearances in blogs yet to be born so i won’t go into detail here.  all you need to know is that he’s just about the coolest guy on the planet and has a really amazing beard.

as i get into the blogs, feedback will be welcome.  questions even better.  i’ve posted my for real personal email to make it easy to contact me directly.  comments on the blogs are great too.

if you email a question about something you’d like to know, it may show up in a blog, but i’ll leave your name out of it.  in fact, the only real name i’ll ever use is mine.  think, “ask sharideth” and i’ll respond with something like “dear dumped on in duluth”.  got it?  awesome sauce.

let the revelations begin.


7 comments on “about chicks, by a chick

  1. JVo says:

    Neato. My wife is a woman. This will be good.

  2. MichelleK41 says:

    Love this!

  3. RockStar Jessi says:

    awesome…. cant wait to know why im all cracked up

  4. L. Nelson says:

    I’m a woman and I can’t figure women out. I think both men and women can learn from this blog. Plus, I like your Sass! lol

  5. dude says:

    When will you skip the kindergarten lessons that have been done over… and over.. and over (by every woman with special insite to both sexes) and get to ‘real’ stuff? I like the way you write but come up with something original if you want to keep readers.

  6. dude says:

    A how to guide on bros before hos. Getting her out of your hair so you can enjoy the game. Calling her on her crap. Dealing with the woman that thinks knowing a few penises makes her an expert on men.

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